We’re Ready to Launch!

Photo courtesy of NASA HQ Photo on Flickr.com

By Sarah

Welcome to the launch of the new Fontana Regional Library Blog!  Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why does my library have a blog?”   Well, let me tell you.

When you work at the library, you see some interesting books and movies come across the desk.  You also get to explore databases, informational websites, and more.  We also hold a lot of events at our libraries that you may not be aware of.  Since not everyone gets the chance to work at the library, we thought it would only be fair to share our favorite resources and hidden gems with you here.

As you most likely know, Fontana Regional Library serves Jackson, Macon, and Swain counties.  We have people from each county lined up and ready to post for your reading pleasure.  To learn more about each contributor, check out our “About Us” page.  Our bloggers represent a wide range of interests and specialties — so be sure to check back often!

One last note: if you are interested in any books or movies that we mention, you can request them via the catalog link .  (It can be a little slow at times, just so you know.)  Just have your library card number and pin ready.  If you’ve never done this before, call your local library.  All of our libraries and their contact information are listed by county on the righthand side of this page.  We’ll help you out!

We’re really excited about this project and hope you are as well.  Don’t forget to become our fan on our new Facebook page, too!

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