Here They Are……The Beatles!

By Rand

I know, I know – you either love them or are sick to death of hearing about them, right? Well, this is just a brief story of how I got to know them and how they changed my life.  I was probably 10 years old when my Parents brought home the “Red” and “Blue” albums; you know, the “Best Of” albums (yes, albums). I can’t remember what my first impression was, but I seem to recall that they instantly became a part of my life (and my collections of music and books).  They were the four people that made me want to be a musician.

Gradually, after listening to them for 3 years solid, I grew tired of my friends. I guess the teenage years swept me away and into what was being played those days. But, it was horrible so I became my own musical detective. Over the next 10 years I started playing in a few bands. Each one of them covered a Beatles song.  I rolled with it, but it wasn’t until I was 23 or so that I heard THAT sound again – my friends were back in my life and they have stayed with me ever since. I still have my old Vinyl, all the cds , and I got one of the “Mono” sets for Christmas. Of course I listen to other musicians and a few have had the same effect on me in the way that you find a new friend, but when you visit your old pals and you find out it’s exactly the same as it was as when you left off, then you know you’re home.

Anyone interested in reading or listening to more about the band might be interested in the following items, which are available through the Fontana Regional Library system.

John Lennon : The Life  is the latest John Lennon biography to hit the shelves written by Philip Norman, the author of Shout, which has been called the definitive Beatles Bio.

The Beatles Anthology book is a fantastic offering from the band themselves that spawned a TV special, dvd set, cd sets, and the wonderful book, complete with new musings by the band about their lives as “Beatles”.

The Love You Make is an older yet fascinating “insider’s look” about the band with a bit of gossip thrown in for good measure.  Not a “tabloid trash” read, as the authors were employees of the band and respected boundaries. The book was endorsed by the band, too.

If you would like to hear some fascinating interviews with the band, The Beatles in Their Own Words is a 5 cd set that contains audio excerpts of each member throughout their careers. Gefforey Giuliano is yet another Beatles historian who has been collecting recorded interviews for decades.

If you have children, or just like hearing children singing Beatles songs, then All You Need is Love (Beatles songs for kids) will either turn your little one into a fan, make you laugh, or will send you running to the stereo to turn it off.

Hopefully this brought back some memories for some, or will help create some future ones for someone else.

5 thoughts on “Here They Are……The Beatles!

  1. Hey Rand, the Beatles have always been first on my playlist. I expect they always will be. Great post!


  2. Hi Rand:
    What a great blog! I remember the first time I heard” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and think the music and lyrics changed my life!
    Who was your favorite?


  3. Rand, this certainly did bring back memories. I remember sitting on the floor of my living room in front of our big console TV in 1964 when the Fab Four played on Ed Sullivan. I grew up with the Boys, and introduced my daughter to them early on. I’m glad to see that our libraries have them in the collections. Thanks.


  4. Thanks Rand. I have to say, if I only had their output from the “middle period” (Rubber Soul through The White Album) to listen to for the rest of my life, I’d be fine with that.


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