By Faye

Have you tried Vpike.com?

vPike.com provides Google street views,  local traffic and driving conditions, maps, and local area photos from Panoramio and Picasa. You can acquaint yourself with an area before you go there or you can recall previous places you have lived or visited to see what they look like now. vPike.com also includes a driving simulator that enables you to simulate a drive-by of an area while you watch the scenery.

A lot of the smaller communities have not been filmed yet but you can view most of the United States Metropolitan areas, major airports and even the homes of your favorite movie star!

I really enjoy viewing the local photography used by clicking on “area pictures” then the map location.

This is really neat and it works. Just type in the address, city and state.

3 thoughts on “VPike

  1. I found my old house in Wisconsin. The view was from about three years ago. I recognized my old SUV in the driveway. How cool!


  2. My husband and I had a great time over the week-end looking up old domiciles. We found out that things really change.
    Thanks, Faye


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