Yea Dr. Oz!

By Elizabeth

I am so impressed with the education, and common sense given by Dr. Mehmet Oz  about our health care. We have many of  his books, he has a television show, and video info on Dr. .   The show is a “Sesame Street” format of quick information spots presented very creatively and also longer spots of actual experiences  that folks have had.

A  real eye opener is to try Real Age.Com.  There is a difference between your biological birthday years and the years your body thinks it is.  If you have good nutrition, exercise and good genes you  can subtract many years from the biological years.  Like wise if you don’t take care of yourself, you can be much older by Real Age.  I am 12 years younger than my biological years, and learning more to improve on even that!  This  site also shows  free evaluation  about what you are doing that is harmful, and what you are doing that is helpful. It is all free.

Another concept from RealAge  is throw away your scales and go by your waist measurement!  It’s the “belly fat” that is most harmful.  Men should measure no more than 40 inches, women no more that 37 inches.  The premise is that there are many more health issues that appear if the waist measurement is higher.  Like wise, many issues disappear when the goal waist measurement is attained.

“People are much more concerned  now with living a healthy life style.” said Rodney Morris from Franklin Health and Fitness Center.

Once you are acquainted with this foundation, you will be eager to grab the great books you will find at your library!

You can even read your Dr. Oz books while on the elliptical!

See you Healthy in your local library!