Husband of Bellona, son of Juno and Jupiter…

By John

The amount of resources available on NCLIVE is amazing, from magazines like Consumer Guide to financial reports and yes, e-books.  Just the other day I was just looking around and spotted a link for videos. Once you’re logged in, just click on “Browse Resources” and look for the link at the bottom of the second column. Since I hadn’t heard much about this particular service I decided to investigate it.

Video menu on NCLIVE

Once you click on the link you’re taken to their main page for their “Video Collection”. You can browse by “Titles” which includes all their titles or just titles with closed-captions, or by “Subjects” which will break down “Categories” further, or by “Series”. I selected “Science” from “Categories” and was soon scrolling through the titles. And then….. there it was.

You see, I’ve always had this fascination with our closest neighbor, celestially speaking that is. I’ve awed and admired it through a telescope since I was a youngster.  In the mid 70’s when NASA embarked on Viking program I would day dream about what it would be like to prepare and make a trip to explore it firsthand. Yes, I put together model landers and spent many happy hours orbiting the yard with them in hand. Then attempting to land them in freshly carved out earthen craters, which were always returned to something of its original appearance before I came in.

Mars Viking Lander

“Journey to Mars” is a Scientific American Frontiers special video hosted by Alan Alda. This video explores the question “Will a human mission to the planet Mars ever become a reality?”  About 57 minutes long, it discusses and demonstrates in proven applications of using Martian atmosphere to make fuel for the return trip home, using an inflatable habitat while on Mars, exploring clues about life in Martian rocks, and adapting to space traveling in order to get to there. What’s even cooler is that Alan participates in some these demonstrations, like the centrifuge to test how our motor skills work in changing gravity. Amazing, and so are the resources at NCLIVE!  I invite you all to watch a video, and best of all it’s free!

The NC LIVE Video Collection is a collection of more than 250 high quality documentary and educational video programs produced for the Public Broadcasting Corporation. Chosen by North Carolina librarians for use in supporting education and for general interest, the collection includes programming covering the sciences, US and world history, biography, current events, and the arts, as well as a variety of other subjects. In addition, several educational series for children are included.

3 thoughts on “Husband of Bellona, son of Juno and Jupiter…

  1. Hey John, thanks for this one. Astronomy is a passion of mine, though I’m an amateur. I’ve only once been in the right place to view through a telescope, but it was very exciting looking at Hale-Bopp from atop the Great Smokies! 🙂 I intend to search out this documentary.


    • Loretta – You’re so lucky! Margaret and I were passing by Swain East Elementary when we had just a glimpse of it. Thanks for sharing.


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