Coming soon to our region: Shelley Shepard Gray

By Elizabeth

I want to introduce you to a new author that we are adding to our collection soon.  Shelley Shepard Gray is from Ohio and has an Amish community within a mile of her residence.

first book in the series

I have really enjoyed her first series, Sisters of the Heart.   This saga takes place in the Amish country and introduces the Pennsylvania Dutch  language and the Amish culture, as well as a blending with their English community.

The reading is fast and very enjoyable.  I liked not having to filter language that offends me and particularly enjoyed the inter action of Faith and Love that weave these people of all ages together.

Once you start these books, you won’t want to stop!

 Available  soon from JCPL-please enjoy this enchanting series.  A second series is on its way, called the Seasons of Sugarcreek.

I can’t wait!

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  1. Thanks, Elizabeth. These books are very popular here, too! I will ask Collection Development to add it to our wish list.


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