NC Live – something for everyone

By Deb

NCLive is a collection of online resources and databases provided to the public and academic libraries of North Carolina free of charge by the State.  If our individual libraries had to pay for all these resources each year it would cost more than the entire book collection in all of the libraries in our region.   Since no small library in the state could afford this, the State Library has negotiated with vendors and the State Legislature has agreed to pay the full cost for us.  It’s available to everyone with a library card, has resources for all ages, and you can use it in the library or at home on your own computer.

The link to NCLive on our website is on the left side of the page.   The resources available include e-books and audiobooks, newspapers, videos, art, genealogy, auto repair, business and investments, practice tests for citizenship, GED, jobs, the military, college entrance exams, resources for teachers, and homework help .  Wow!  It‘s impressive just typing it, much less using it.  There are also 3-5 minute tutorials to help users figure out how to find and use the different goodies.

Athena helping

This tool has been a life-saver for completing my degree.  Back when I first went to college, my library research didn’t come from online databases.  We relied on the journals that the University could afford to buy, and they were often on microfilm or microfiche.  This time around, I could sit at home, open my library’s website, and do my research from my recliner, with the help of my cats, of course.


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