Mass Effect: Revelation

By John

Being an Xbox gamer, the name caught my eye as I searched for a title from our newest collection of “eAudio Books”.  Yes, I just said “eAudio Books”, more about that in just a minute!  Although I don’t own the game, I’ve had the opportunity to borrow it from another gamer. The game is set 200 years in the future in a vast universe. Gamers are placed in this vast galactic community and are in danger of being conquered by a legendary agent gone rogue. The game challenges players to lead a squad of freedom fighters as they struggle against threatening armies to restore peace in the land. Those of you gamers that prefer futuristic Role Playing Games (RPGs) will need to add this one to your collection, if you haven’t already. Now onto “eAudio Books”!

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Beginning April 15, 2010, Fontana Regional Library began offering library patrons 750 downloadable audio books made available through NC LIVE, North Carolina’s statewide online library, with a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the State Library of North Carolina.

On Friday, May 14, NC LIVE added the second installment of downloadable audio books to its new collection. As with the previous installment, the new titles were made available with an LSTA grant from the State Library of North Carolina.

The new titles include approximately 250 new titles, as well as additional copies of previously owned content, now containing nearly 1300 copies of audio books. The new audio books are compatible with iPods and most MP3 devices, with subjects focusing primarily on language learning, classic literature, history, and biography.

The audio books are available to library patrons both within Fontana Regional Library and at home via an Internet connection.  Patrons at Fontana Regional Library have free, online access to the new collection of audio books through the library’s website at, or through


Each “eAudio Book” user will need to create an account, which will set up a personal “bookshelf” within MyiLibrary and functions much like a shopping cart.  After adding items to their bookshelf, patrons can then download their audio book and listen directly from their computer, or add it to their iPod or MP3 player.

It’s important to note here that you’ll need “Ingram’s Media Manager” software in order to download the “eAudio Book” to your computer.  “Ingram’s Media Manager” can either play the “eAudio Book” on the computer or transfer it to an iPod or MP3 player. Transferring it to an iPod will require iTunes and for an MP3 player, Windows Media Player is used.

For books that are unavailable because all copies are checked out, patrons can place a hold.  An email notification will let the patron know when their book is available for download.  For instructions on using NC LIVE’s new audio books, please try our FAQ on Audio Books. And now onto something about the book I read, or listened to.

Mass Effect: Revelation (Library Edition) is a science fiction novel by author Drew Karpyshyn, and narrated by Narrated by David Colacci. It was first published in 2007 by Del Rey Books and is the first novel set in the Mass Effect universe.  It is the prequel to the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows game Mass Effect, which was developed by BioWare Corp.

You needn’t be a gamer to appreciate this book. Drew does an excellent job with the flow of the story. By adding just the right of amount of crescendo to several climatic events he keeps the reader, or in this case the listener intently focused on the story. There were times that I only listened to the story while do nothing, afraid to miss something in the story or miss a turn while driving.

If you have seen the movie “Stargate” or any of the spin-off TV series, you find some similarities with the book, from finding and exploiting alien technology to aliens having a great disdain against humans. This in turn creates a playground for romantic interludes, special combat operations, and little diplomacy.

The plot of this book is about trying to be the first to connect with an Artificial Intelligence race. The lead character is a young Alliance lieutenant David Anderson and the book details his efforts to find a survivor of an attack on a top-secret Alliance base, Lieutenant Kahlee Sanders. The base was attacked purposely by a mercenary group called the Blue Suns, which were hired by the leading scientist on the base.

Like a futuristic FBI agent, the Turian spectre Saren is assigned to help Anderson and find clues to where the scientist is. Eventually they find the scientist, but Saren escapes with the information the scientist was researching to an ancient alien ship from the Artificial Intelligence race which Saren plans to use for his own evil deeds.  If you want to be entertained or informed, you absolutely have to give “eAudio Books” a try!

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