Pamper Princess Day!

Manicure created by Bright Beginnings Pre-Princess Darlings.

By Elizabeth

One of the most fun moments of being the  Children’s Librarian happened on May 21,2010.  I went to read  the Story time for the pre-school class at Bright Beginnings in Cullowhee.  When I walked in I found out I was in the middle of Princess Pampering Day!

I was royally treated to a manicure by the darlings in training. After my polish was removed, 10 little girls started painting  with their choice for me.(The ring fingers went first!) After much discussion, it was decided my manicure was complete except for the tatoo, which HAD to be a heart!

I don’t know who giggled more that day-me or them!  After nail drying, I read their books for story time and everyone  lived happily ever after!

Princess  Smartypants by Babette Cole would hartly approve. Pick up one of the many princess books to read while YOUR manicure dries!