Day 46

By Sarah

It’s hard to believe that the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico started back in April, and it’s even harder to take in the images of threatened ecosystems and wildlife (not to mention those live feeds of the continuously spewing pipeline).  All attempts to stop the leak have failed so far, though perhaps today’s news of another try at capping the pipe will be more optimistic.  But when you have Hollywood actors and directors being asked for their input, it’s easy to be a pessimist about the whole situation.  If you’re wondering just how far-reaching the spill is, check out this interactive map at the NY Times website.

Image from Flickr User SkyTruth, used under Creative Commons license.

The discourse surrounding this disaster has led to the renewed debate between green energy sources and other methods of achieving energy independence.  And what better source is there than your public library to learn a little bit more about oil and its alternatives?

Resources on the world of oil production and clean-up:

Resources about petroleum alternatives, including DIY home initiatives:

Don’t forget that you can search databases such as Academic Search Premiere and MasterFile on NC Live for journal articles and studies about current energy issues.

Or if you want to know more about those precious wetlands that are being affected, check out Holding Back the Sea: the Struggle for America’s Natural Legacy on the Gulf Coast by Christopher Hallowell.

2 thoughts on “Day 46

  1. Ever notice that when there’s a tragic event such as this is. Too many people start pointing fingers. Why OH why cant the damage be fix by all who are involved. Just jump in and fix it. “I know I live in a fish bowl”.


  2. I’m hoping and praying that some folks in Macon County will check out the biodiesel and vegetable oil books, and actually put them into practice here in Franklin!


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