“Apple Blossom” daylily

By Faye

Isn’t it a beautiful time of year?  The flowers are blooming and gardens are growing. The Marianna Black Library started a Sharing Garden several years ago. Patrons donated flowers and volunteers landscaped the area. A sheltered gazebo was built with benches underneath that everyone enjoys. Later a picnic table and water fountain was added.

Since then we have had numerous groups of volunteers help with the upkeep of the garden areas. Just this week we had a very excited school group of fifth graders come and donate their services to the “library garden”. What a lot of weeds they pulled!

Each student chose a plant to take home.

Does your garden (either flower or vegetables) need a little help?

If so, the library has numerous books to get it where you want it to be or to inspire your imagination. Here are a few titles you can check out:

Better Homes and Gardens Step by Step Garden Basics

Grow Vegetables by Alan Buckingham

Small-space Gardening by Pete Loewer

What’s Wrong With My Plant? (and how do I fix it?) by David Deardoff

The Wild Garden by William Robinson

The Complete Guide to Pruning and Training Plants by David Joyce

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  1. I’ve learned alot about flowers and plants from just asking you, so thanks for all your knowledge.


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