On the water front

By Abby

Summer is, admittedly, not my favorite season. (Autumn is, for anyone keeping track!) That being said, I have been a long-time fan of the great outdoors and anything involving water, and summertime is just made for spending your weekends in rivers, lakes, and other assorted swimming holes. At least, that’s been my plan for this summer and so far it’s going swimmingly. No, I couldn’t resist that pun…

Until this year, I’ve never attempted to kayak or canoe, but for the past couple of months I’ve been thinking about learning. My friend Megan has volunteered to teach me and I’ll gratefully take her up on the offer, but I decided to peruse some library resources for myself and others interested in water sports.

Leland Davis’ North Carolina Rivers and Creeks is a guide to whitewater spots in North Carolina and surrounding areas in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

For information specifically on local rivers, Fontana Regional Library has Kelly Fischer’s Playboating the Nantahala River.

The L.L. Bean Canoeing Handbook covers numerous subjects on the sport, ranging from the history of canoeing to types of canoes, paddles, clothing and gear choices, as well as safety tips.

Beginners, like me, will appreciate Dennis Stuhaug’s Kayaking Made Easy.

Kayaking for Everyone lives up to its name, including valuable information on recreational, whitewater, or sea kayaking and ideas for paddlers with special needs.

Cecil Kuhne’s Canoeing and Kayaking describe details and techniques for both sports.

Also, the Macon County Public Library subscribes to the magazine Canoe & Kayak. You can enjoy the latest issue while you’re at the library or check out back issues to take home with you.

Happy paddling!

4 thoughts on “On the water front

  1. Hey Abby, It has been so hot and sticky of late, I could dive into your picture from here. Thanks for reminding me there are still “cool” things to be found!


  2. Nice pic.
    Summer is swell when your out in the water; doing anything. Enjoy the season for too soon it’ll be gone. Learn something new each day or season it’ll make getting old that much more interesting. And no I don’t hear banjo music. hehehehahahaha 🙂


  3. Yes, I would live in that photo right now if it were possible!

    Margaret, you read my mind about the banjo music. 🙂


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