Are you a “Twitcher”?

Are you a “twitcher”?

Wikipedia gives the definition as someone who travels a long distance to see a rare bird.

By Faye

Here in America people often find it relaxing to watch birds. It’s estimated that approximately 60 million people in the United States feed birds. According to Susan Hayes, executive director of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry in Sioux Falls, SD, the US has $1.45 billion in yearly sales of bird feed.

Bird watching and gardening seem to go hand in hand. I know I really enjoy numerous birds in my flower gardens. An Eastern Bluebird couple found my new birdhouse and has just hatched the second family this year. And the Yellow Finches love my flowers. Not a seed left on the Black-eyed Susans, Red Hot Pokers, or the Echinacea! Sunflowers are also a big favorite.

Red Sunflower

 Be sure and place water close by in partial shade. Birds need it not only for drinking but for  bathing too. They are so funny frolicking around in a shallow pool of water.

 Are you a birdwatcher or just need a little help on identification? If so, be sure to check out some of the great books at the library. Who knows you may become a “twitcher”.

Birds of Eastern North America :  photographic guide by Paul Sterry & Brian E. Small.

The armchair birder : discovering the secret lives of familiar birds by John Yow.

Wildlife gardening  by Martyn Cox