Cleaning Green

This is a guest post submitted by Darlene, who works at the Hudson Library in Highlands.

This year I’ve decided that I’m going to do something nice for the environment and only use “green” products.  My co-worker has been making her own cleaning products from everyday items in her kitchen as well as some old fashioned cleaning products that still can be found in local grocery stores; not only is she being kind to the environment, she is saving money as well. 

Some common items found in your kitchen that can be used are vinegar, baking soda, tea and olive oil.

Easy Green Living

A general all-purpose cleaner can do many jobs around your home; it’s not necessary to use a different product for each room.  For more information on “cleaning green” check out these titles Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Cleaning by Mary Findley and Easy Green Living: the Ultimate Guide to Simple Eco-friendly Choices for You and Your Home by Rene Loux.  In the meantime, here are three recipes to try:

All purpose Cleaner

  • ¼ cup Washing  Soda
  • ¼ cup Borax (yep, 20 Mule Team)
  • 5 cups boiling hot water
  • ½  cup vinegar
  • 2 T Dr. Bonner’s Liquid Castille Soap  (recommend peppermint to energize)

 Mix Washing Soda and Borax in the hot water — when dissolved add vinegar and liquid soup.  Put into a recycled container.  To use, dilute 2-3 capfuls in 1 gallon hot water.  Note: will slightly congeal in containers but will dissolve in hot water.  After cleaning, this can be poured down your sink to help with any greasy buildup.

Polishing Spray or After Shower Spray

Mix half & half – white vinegar with water in a recycled spray bottle.  (Vinegar has anti-bacterial as well as anti-mildew properties)

This is great for final clean/polish in the kitchen and bath; can be used for microwaves, countertops, sinks and faucets, appliances (especially stainless steel and mirrors.)  For after shower, spray tiles- wall and floors.

Wood Floor Cleaner

  • ½ cup  vinegar
  • 1 cup tea – leftover or just brewed
  • 2 T Doc Bonner’s Liquid Castille Soap
  • 4 cups boiling water.
Add vinegar after mixing other ingredients.  To use, dilute 2-3 capfuls in 1 gallon hot water.

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  1. This is a great post — thanks, Darlene! I love Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap; it’s so versatile. I’m going to try some of these cleaning product recipes.


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