Cheapskates unite!

By MaryAnn

According to Jeff Yeager in his new book The Cheapskate Next Door the word “cheapskate” does not have negative connotations, but instead defines those of us who are thrifty, frugal, make smart decisions about how to spend and save, and don’t let our money rule our lives.

I’m convinced that my father was one of the original cheapskates.

He was the youngest child in a Macon County, NC farm and mercantile family whose father died when my father was still a teenager. He must have learned early how to be frugal, since he went to the University of North Carolina and graduated during the Great Depression–no small feat in those days. One day in an attempt to get rid of some old things, my mother threw away the bedroom slippers he purchased for their honeymoon.  Daddy quietly pulled the decades-old slippers out of the trash and continued to wear them for several more years, saying, “There’s still plenty of wear left in these shoes!”

Both of Yeager’s cheapskate books are full of funny stories, real-life examples, ideas and resources galore for the frugal among us, and lots more! In Yeager’s terms, a cheapskate is not a tightwad, but someone who knows what is really important in life.

 The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches, which is Yeager’s first cheapskate book,  begins almost immediately with:

What I really believe:

Living on less is a good thing to do.

It’s the only financial advice that will work for almost everyone.

It’s about a quality of life you cannot buy, a sense of satisfaction you cannot fake, and an appreciation for others that gives life value.

It’s also about helping save the planet and sharing with those in need.

Living on less can be funny, but it’s not a joke.”

‘Nuff said!

4 thoughts on “Cheapskates unite!

  1. Hi Mary Ann – Thanks for the kind words about my two books. I’m so glad you liked them. You know, public libraries rock my reduced-for-quick-sale world. Keep up the good work, and, of course,…

    Stay Cheap!
    Jeff Yeager
    Author, “The Cheapskate Next Door” and “The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches”


  2. MaryAnn, your dad reminds me of my grandfather, who just turned 98. He also was of the Great Depression generation and it’s amazing (and we gently tease about it within the family) how frugal he and my grandmother are.


    • Thanks, Abby. I’m sure I got my frugal nature from my father, and some from my mother, who said after my father died, “I’ve lived with Bill Sloan too long to change now!” Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Hope you have a wonderful wedding day! MaryAnn


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