“Your Secret’s Safe With Us”

By Rand

Well, not really if you’ve ever sent a “secret” postcard to Frank Warren. He is a small business owner in Maryland who started a blog on January 1st, 2005 called “Postsecret“, which encouraged people to send in postcards with secrets on them. Any kind of secret; childhood, adulthood, religion, sex, fantasies, dreams, regrets, paybacks, you name it.

I first became aware of  Warren through his books, which all 5 of can be found in the FRL system, the first of which is Postsecret : Extraordinary Confessions From Ordinary Lives. We had gotten a few of them in, and on spotting one, i was fascinated.

It was basically as if all the hopes, dreams and failures of the world were right in these books, along with the people who wrote them. Anonymously, of course. What makes these books special to me are the postcards themselves which are works of art in themselves. Sometimes, the picture drawn tells the whole story. I had placed one of the books as a staff pick, and a volunteer of ours checked it out. When she returned it, she commented that her husband had skimmed through it and said “I never knew there were so many sad people in the world”. I don’t think he got the point, but I sure did. I guess that’s why we call it a “secret”.

One thought on ““Your Secret’s Safe With Us”

  1. Hey Rand, Good post. I have enjoyed the PostSecret books, as well as their blog. It’s funny: I usually don’t like to know people’s secrets. I think I enjoy these because I don’t know the people. It’s human study at a distance. 🙂


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