Little-known facts about October

By MaryAnn

When you think of the month of October, what comes to mind? Halloween, of course, autumn and pumpkins, perhaps Columbus Day…but why not explore some of these more obscure October events:

October 2: The five-day work week was officially sanctioned by the American Federation of Labor, 1933. For more on the American work week, read this New York Times editorial.

Also on October 2, the “Peanuts” comic strip made its debut in 1950. To read more about “Peanuts” or its creator Charles Schultz, visit the Fontana Regional Library online catalog or the official “Peanuts” website.

October 6: The sanctioning of polygamy was discontinued by the Mormon Church, 1891. Read more about the Mormons in Joseph Smith and the beginnings of Mormonism.

October 12: Jesus Christ Superstar, a rock opera by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber, opened on Broadway, 1971. Check out the movie version from Fontana Regional Library!

October 15: “I Love Lucy”  premiered on CBS-TV, 1951.

October 21: Thomas Edison invented the working electric light,1879. Visit the Thomas Edison National Historic Park website to plan your visit to West Orange, New Jersey. No time to travel? Just visit the Fontana Regional Library online catalog!

October 31: Magician Harry Houdini died in Detroit, Michigan, 1926. Check out his biography , The life and many deaths of Harry Houdini, from the  Fontana Regional Library branch nearest you!

If you want to read even more about events in the month of October, see this website: