Fall Gardening 101

By Faye

Fall Gardening 101

As fall ends and winter begins its time to prepare your garden area for spring. Working the soil, planting seeds and bulbs make for gorgeous landscaping.

Preparing beds for spring planting is an annual chore. If you are a seasoned gardener, you’ve probably already added a thick layer of compost around plants and trees. Preparing the soil can help increase the growth of a vegetable crop or flower bed.  If you are a novice and are working with unimproved landscape you have a lot of calorie-burning exertion ahead.

There are many chores that can be accomplished in late fall and early winter. Numerous types of flowers, especially perennials, can be planted and divided during this time. 

If you have a vegetable garden don’t forget about crop rotation. When you grow plants in the same place year after year or season after season, they slowly destroy specific nutrients in the soil that they need. Eventually the area will be depleted of the nutrients that plant needs. Rotation of your vegetable garden is not difficult to plan. Each fall as you plan for spring crops think about where plants were planted last year and how they well they produced. If they produced poorly consider how rotation could improve their production.

Crop rotation can also abundantly increase the yield in your vegetable garden. And who doesn’t love to go to the garden and gather fresh corn, beans, potatoes and so many more delicious food types. If you don’t like to work in the garden (and many people don’t) check out your local area farmer’s market next spring for a wide assortment of these fresh veggies.

Be sure and check at the local library for many, many books that will inspire you to get outside and play in the dirt!

 Easy Compost : the Secret to Great Soil and Spectacular Plants

Start With the Soil by Grace Gershuny

Plant Propagation A to Z : Growing Plants for Free by Geoff Bryant

Pay Dirt : How to Make $10,000 a Year from Your Backyard Garden by John Tullock

 Plants for Small Spaces by Clive Lane

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  1. Hi Faye, I enjoy your gardening posts. I was raised on a small farm and was part of the “ready-made work force,” but have only done container gardening in recent years. I always think every spring I’m going to do more, because I love flowers so much. Maybe your posts will inspire me.


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