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Face of God - Michelanelo
Face of God – Michelanelo

By Don

This post is not about God, religion or proselytizing.  What it is about is some good reads within what can be a misunderstood genre. Some of the traditional Christian Fiction is crossing over.

Over the years I have read many books, a number of them had the Christian Fiction sticker. Though, some these books have little or nothing to do with God or religion, directly. Some are just good wholesome reads, others are edgy and some even scary. I liken the use of the Christian Fiction label on some of these books similar to the way movies are rated. For instance, did you ever watch a movie that was rated PG-13 or R and wonder where they got their rating? Their rating didn’t even seem close. It was just a sales or marketing angle.

Though some of these reads are not so wholesome, typically, you won’t find the language and sexual references that might find in their secular counterparts. I have read a few of the books labeled with the Christian Fiction sticker wondering if Stephen King or Ann Rice (BC) actually wrote them, or at least strongly influenced their plots and words.

Authors like Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker are among my favorites in this genre, probably because they take you to the edge and sometimes crossover. They seem to go beyond the traditional Christian lines to expose good and evil and how it relates to us. “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness”, by Frank Peretti, were a few of the first Christian Fiction books I read. I was spellbound by Peretti as I read about the battles between angels and demons, so vivid and candid, as if they were right here right now fighting for and against us. The real conflict in these books is not necessarily the human flesh and blood experience, but within the spiritual world where there are no boundaries. The effects and outcomes of these conflicts are usually seen or felt within the human realm. So you’ve never read Christian Fiction book, does the conflict sound familiar to anything else you’ve read? Some of the vampire stories I have read are not too different at all.

Popular Christian Fiction at Macon County Library
Popular Christian Fiction at Macon County Library

“Thr3e” by Ted Dekker would fall into a number of genres; psychological thriller, suspense and maybe Christian Fiction. It is one of the fastest, most powerful fiction books I’ve read. The plot according to Wikipedia; “Kevin Parson, a 27 year old seminary student, receives a call on his cell phone while driving. The man on the other end, Richard Slater, tells Kevin that he has three minutes to confess his sin to the world or his car will blow up. What follows is a cat and mouse game with Kevin, his childhood friend Samantha Sheer, and FBI agent Jennifer Peters struggling to keep up with the clues Slater sends their way; these clues lead to horrific events.” There is no place in this book to catch a breath. By the end of this book, the author has you looking straight into a mirror no matter what you believe.

Some of my other favorite authors are Bill Myers, Michael Connelly, Jeffery Deaver, Dan Brown and John Grisham. I like fast and engaging books. They must have twists and turns to hold my attention. I especially like psychological thrillers.

Whatever your position or thoughts on the subject, navigate to Fontana Regional Library’s website and click on the online catalog, or visit your local library today and look up some of the titles and authors discussed in this post. We have something for everyone!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

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  1. Hi Don,
    Your post was written really well. So well that I am interested in reading this type of genre. You made it sound like an adventure and I do love a good adventure.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  2. I agree with Margaret. The problem comes when authors write for a marketing segment rather than what has been given to them and than writing for an ideal reader.

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