Sesquipedalians: Not for the Foppotee

By Sarah

Do you yearn to express yourself in more specific terms?  Do you find yourself in need of an expansive vocabulary to impress people at all those cocktail parties you attend?  Are you looking for a word that will help you score over 100 points on the triple word score in Scrabble?  If so, then I am keleusmatically asking for you attention.  Since it’s a moderately slow morning, I currently have some succisive moments at my desk, and I want to focus briefly on the world of sesquipedalians.  Now I must confess, I don’t articulate myself in this way on a hemerine basis, but I do consider myself a lover of words.*

When you come across a word in a book or article you don’t know, what do you do?  Try to figure it out through context clues and etymology?  Just skip over it?  Personally, I do a mix of both.  Sometimes it’s a joy to page through the Concise Oxford English Dictionary to hunt down the definition of a word, but sometimes I get too caught up in a story to care.  I resolve to care from now on.  Otherwise, I might never again meet such lovely, melodic words that are on par with graviloquence, embolimaeal, teterrimous, or scaevity.

Ex-Libris: from whence my profile picture came.

*Words learned courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary‘s excellent Save the Words site, where even the FAQ is thoroughly entertaining.

8 thoughts on “Sesquipedalians: Not for the Foppotee

  1. Oh, ‘Ex-Libris’! Such a wonderful book! Thanks for the Save the Words link — as a fellow lover-of-words, I can already see a mild addiction forming for me. 🙂


  2. One of my favorite words from my former mother-in-law is omphaloskepsis which means……ah – look it up!!
    Can’t wait to read the Ralph Keyes book.


  3. Sarah, wow!! I can’t remember what I ate yesterdday but your words sure sound pretty. I love words in many languages and if I can remember them, then it’s a good day. Most people I talk to get what I’m saying even if I can’t get the right words out. 🙂


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