If you can’t read this, it might be too small

By Sarah

Do you find yourself squinting to read your favorite novels?  Perhaps you know someone who hasn’t picked up a book for a while because the print is too hard for them.  If this sounds familiar, might I suggest trying out Fontana Regional Library’s Large Print books?

With Large Print books, the type is truly big.  The font is usually a minimum 16-point and can be even larger.  With quality Large Print books, the paper that is used is chosen because of its high opacity and contrast against the dark ink.  These characteristics combined make for clear, easy reading for people with vision problems.  I’ve even been told by some of our patrons that they like the Large Print books for when they walk on their treadmill or ride an exercise bike at home – the format allows them to bounce around but still keep their place as they read!  (Why waste precious time on just exercising when you can exercise and read at the same time?)

Which one is easier to read?
Large print text on the left; regular print on the right.

Fontana Regional Library’s Large Print sections harbor over 6,500 titles.  From the classics to biographies to contemporary romance, the selections run the gamut.  Here’s just a sampling of some of the books that we’ve added to our Large Print collections in the past year.



Next time you’re at your local branch, you might want to ask a staff member to point you in the direction of the Large Print collection.  Once you pick up a book from this section, you’ll be able to see the difference yourself!

Trust me.

ps: If you’re squinting to read this or another site, try pressing Ctrl + (your control and plus sign buttons) at the same time to magnify the font!  Ctrl – will make it a size smaller when you’re done.

2 thoughts on “If you can’t read this, it might be too small

  1. Actually, I can pinpoint the exact day that my eyes went wonky — November 20, 2004. I’d bought a book about dinosaurs and was dismayed to discover that the publisher had done a really poor printing job.

    About a week later, the wife said I was having to lean close when reading everything. (That’s the great thing about Marriage — someone’s always happy to point out your shortcomings for you.)

    And a week after that, I finally broke down and bought a pair of reading glasses. I’d grown up reading old The Shadow pulps and all the bad guys had names like Scratchy and Moocher — I didn’t want to be known as “Squinty.”

    I suppose LP books are in my future. Ouch.


  2. Large prints on the treadmill is a great idea! I loathe treadmills but have always thought reading makes them almost bearable, however the bouncing small text is problematic. Brilliant!


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