Silver Jewelry

By Faye

Silver jewelry

The history of silver jewelry goes back thousands of years. Silver is valued for its high luster and flexibility, perfect for making jewelry. Silver jewelry is very popular today due to its attractive pricing. I know two ladies that are making and selling to subsidize their income and they do very well.

Turquoise Pendant
–Allyson Gernandt

But why not try it yourself? You can develop your own unique style in as little as 30 minutes with Marthe Le Van’s two books. They are 30-Minute Earrings and 30-Minutes Necklaces with each containing 60 quick and creative projects for jewelers.

Or are you partial to beautiful silver chains and would like to make your own? Two fully illustrated books for guidance are Making Silver Chains : Simple Techniques, Beautiful Designs by Glen F. Waszek and Creative Silver Chains : 20 Dazzling Designs by Chantal Lise Saunders.

Now if you really want to impress pick up a few polished gemstones and wrap them in wire for a one of a kind necklace or bracelet. Mai Sato-Flores had written an excellent book, Wrapped in Gems : 40 elegant designs for Wire-wrapped Gemstone Jewelry.

One book that combines both beads and chains is by Scott David Plumlee, Chain and Bead Jewelry Creative Connections : New Techniques for Wire-wrapping and Bead Setting.

So whether you are an aspiring jeweler or a professional silversmith the library has numerous books for all these projects. We’ll be glad to share them with you.

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  1. Wow, Faye, what an intriguing idea!

    It certainly has its allure, but it seems awful inimidating. Have you given it a shot?


  2. Luke, I have not tried to make silver jewelry but would love to. Maybe when when there is more than 24 hours in a day!


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