Follow the Yellow Brick Road….or Dorothy and Toto find Oz

By Hedy

I have often wondered why I am so enamored with disaster books and movies.  Since I do not  like tragedy or drama in my life or the life of others, I finally realized that it’s the survival part of tragedy that I am interested in and fascinated with!  Show me a survival story or movie (and it can be about animals or people) and I am either reading or watching a movie about it.

Our Fontana Regional Library System shows 38 records when searching under the subject of “disaster” and 416 records when the subject is survival…fascinating!

One of my favorite series is the teen  Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.   The series consists of  “Hunger Games“,  “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay“.   Have you heard that scenes of the movie (working title “Artemis”) might be filmed in or near Asheville? Anyone want to join me in the cattle call for extras?  It has been suggested that I try out for the Greasy Sae part in the movie.  I do wonder why??!!

Another teen book that I enjoyed was “Hatchet”  and its sequels by Gary Paulsen.   Hatchet (a Newbery Award- winning novel) is  about wilderness survival and  has all the right elements:  plane crash, tornado and most importantly survival.

What would you do if you suddenly lost every modern, electrical device?  “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen imagines what our 21st century lifestyle would become without cell phones, computers, electricity, etc.   The story takes place near Black Mountain, North Carolina after an electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States and how this community reacts to what 19th century living  was like.

I don’t think that any of us can forget Hurricane Katrina which struck southeast Louisiana on August 29th, 2005.  There are several books written after that horrific storm, but one that touched my heart was” Zeitoun”  by Dave Eggers.  It is the story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun a Syrian-American father of 4 and his experiences post-Katrina.

Who can forget the disaster/survival movies “Wizard of  Oz“, “Castaway“, “Titanic“, “Into the Wild” and one that I have not seen yet “127 Hours“?

Now allow me to digress.  Luke (my great co-worker) blogged in February  and made a wonderful transition from model railroads to Valentine’s Day.  I would like to segue from survival to my favorite actor, Kevin Spacey!  Since the Fontana Library System blog began, I have begged my fellow Cashiers Library bloggers to mention Kevin Spacey-  to no avail.   Did you know that Kevin Spacey shares a birthday with Al Pacino and Mick Jagger?  So, hooray for Kevin Spacey!

8 thoughts on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road….or Dorothy and Toto find Oz

  1. Wonderful Hedy! Now i know why you keep walking up to me and saying “Kevin Spacey!” all the time!


  2. I love Kevin Spacey! Ever since he played Mel Profitt in that otherwise awful TV show, Wiseguy. An of course, American Beauty and The Usual suspects. He lifts up the quality of everything he is in.


  3. I loved the HUNGER GAMES series! I too thought it would be fun to be an extra in the filming.

    Thanks for the HATCHET recommendation. I will add it to my ever-growing ‘to read’ list.


  4. Great post, Hedy! I am not one for disaster stuff ordinarily, but if it has a nice dose of science fiction, I’m in! Thanks for the tips on these movies and books. I may try the One Second After. Interesting premise … and possible, I would think. And I’m with you on Kevin Spacey! Great actor – and such a sweet face. Have you seen Ref? Bad language abounds, but it is hilarious!


  5. Can’t forget Kevin Spacey in Pay It Forward too! Maybe he’ll star in the movie of One Second After, which of course they’ll film in Black Mountain…and we’ll all go over to meet him!


  6. You can be Greasy Sae — I’ll be Clueless Guy in the Back of the Crowd Who Somehow Misses the Point of the Scene (every crowd needs one).

    As for Disaster Stories, I have the uncomfortable feeling that we’re all starring in one — I’d rather see it on TV.

    And Kevin Spacey? Seriously? I’ll stick with the sadly under-utilized George “Goober” Lindsay!


  7. Thank you so much for your comments – they are very much appreciated. This was the first time I’ve blogged and Sarah was a huge help to me. By the way, did anyone see the movie Se7en? Kevin Spacey was an uncredited actor in it and gave a chilling performance.


  8. Hi, Hedy! It’s always nice to have a blog post to read from a new blogger. I hope you get to try it again.
    In terms of reading preferences, I prefer murder mysteries. Experiencing the “virtual” murders in these books may keep me from committing murder in the real world. And when I’ve had too much blood and gore, I escape into some nice safe Southern fiction.


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