“How to”

By Faye

My Daddy once said, “You know you are getting older when the younger generation comes to you with questions.” Youngers, as he would call them, were always coming to him with questions or for advice.

He was, of course, referring to “how to” questions. It could be anything from “how to” plant potatoes under the right signs to “how to” churn milk to make butter.

If you would like to learn some of this hard earned wisdom that our forefathers lived by be sure at check out the book, “How to Build a Fire’ by Erin Bried. Chapter headings include, pioneering, fixing, leading, prospering, thriving, bonding, playing, dressing, loving, cooking and hosting. Just a few  examples of information included are :

  •  how to catch a fish
  • how to change a flat tire
  • how to control your temper
  • how to hold a newborn
  • how to smoke a pipe
  • how to season a cast iron skillet
  • how to make a friendly wager
  • how to split firewood
  • how to assemble a good tool kit

This book is a gem! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

2 thoughts on ““How to”

  1. I love this kind of thing, Faye! I’m always afraid mountain lore will be homogenized out of existence. Thanks for telling us about the book! I will definitely check it out!


  2. Thanks, Faye! When I was a kid, I kept a scrapbook of handy hints (including Dick Tracy’s “Crimestopper’s Textbook”) that I believed would shepherd me through life. But I was so busy pasting those things in, I never really bothered to learn any of that stuff and naturally the book disappeared.

    “How to Build a Fire” sounds like the help I need as I stumble through life.


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