The Andy Griffith Show

By Faye

Do you remember “The Andy Griffith Show?”  Did you know that Andy grew up nearby in the town of Mount Airy?  My family and I visited this area recently and were so amazed!  As you walk around town you can visit many of the show settings: Floyd’s Barber Shop, the old jail, Andy’s homeplace, the soda fountain, and might even ride in a squad car if you are feeling lucky.  Just be careful, Barney might arrest you!

If you have ever watched this long running series then you know Aunt Bee is well known for her cooking skills in Mayberry.  The first episode has Aunt Bee serving a platter of fried chicken and all the “fixins.”  After that she is associated with delicious, home-cooked meals.  She often bakes for community and church events.  She even takes baskets of food to the inmates at the Mayberry jail.

 Aunt Bee’s Mayberry Cookbook has all these and many more, delicious recipes and such amusing stories referring to Mayberry and the show.  In case you want to try the “other white meat”, Possum, included is a recipe just for you.  Ernest T’s Possum and Sweet Taters.  Now I think I’ll take the sweet taters and leave the Possum for you!

For a taste of this down-home southern hospitality come by the library and check out one of the Andy Griffith  Show dvd’s.  We also have The Andy Griffith Show book that contains everything from the history of Mayberry to a quiz on Mayberry menagerie.  Also available for checkout is The Definitive Andy Griffith Show Reference book.  It has descriptive episode chapters, with cast biographies and a guide to collecting memorabilia.

6 thoughts on “The Andy Griffith Show

  1. Thanks for the great nostalgia, Faye. My Aunt Belle in Brevard reminded me of Aunt Bee (except for the voice — could anyone else sound like Frances Bavier?).

    It’s always fun to revisit Mayberry, isn’t it? I swear, that’s the best idealization of North Carolina ever.

    I’d love to meet women like those “fun girls” who’d somehow always end up dancing with Barney (“Bernie”) and making his hair flop around.


  2. Nice one, Faye! One of my all time favorite shows. Ask me to do my impression of Floyd the Barber sometime!


  3. Thanks, Faye. One of my all-time favorites, too! I can still whistle the theme song–and I’d recognize it anywhere.


  4. Count me in, too, Faye. I loved this one. I remember the one where Barney and Andy were at a party scoping out the girls and Barney said, “If you flew a pheasant through this room, everyone in it would point!”


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