Hit Me With Your Pet Shark

By Loretta

Most of us remember these immortal words from Pat Benatar – maybe not exactly like this.  But who can tell?  Maybe this is really what she said, instead of the alleged “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

Are you like me, loving music, but sometimes a little perplexed at what they just sang?  They call these misheard phrases (very often song lyrics), “mondegreens.”  By any other name, they would be easier to spell and just as funny.

When I first encountered the Internet, I looked up every musical thing I could think of.  I found the misheard lyrics fairly quickly.  Now, the artist pages seem old hat, but misheard lyrics are still a mainstay.

These are a few of my favorites:

The Beatles, Falling :
“Paul Lynde, yes I am Paul Lynde, but she keeps calling me Flanagan.”
(correct lyric : Falling, yes I am falling, but she keeps calling me back again.)

The Beatles, Michelle :
“Some day monkey gon’ play piano song, play piano song”
(correct lyric: Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble.)

Elton John, Tiny Dancer:
“Hold me closer, Tony Danza.”
(correct lyric: Hold me closer, tiny dancer.)

George Harrison, Got My Mind Set On You:
“Thought my Mom sat on you.”
(correct lyric: Got my mind set on you.)

Percy Sledge, When a Man Loves a Woman:
“When a man loves a walnut.”
(correct lyric: When a man loves a woman)

Even countries aren’t exempt:

Canada’s National Anthem:
“Oh Canada, we stand on cars and freeze”
(correct lyric: Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.)

And of course I have a few of my own:

Dan Fogelberg, Same Old Lang Syne:
“She said she’d married her an army tent, kept her warm and safe and dry.”
(correct lyric: She said she’d married her an architect, who kept her warm and safe and dry.)

If you enjoy music as I do and would like a good laugh, I suggest you try www.amiright.com and www.kissthisguy.com .  You’ll never be the same!

11 thoughts on “Hit Me With Your Pet Shark

  1. Thank you for this very entertaining blog, along with the suggested websites to check into. I have definitely been a music lover since “forever”. I have wondered many times what the lyrics to a song really were, because what I “heard” didn’t make sense at all. This is a fun thing to discover and I’m happy that I didn’t miss it. ( I also LOVE books and libraries!) Enjoy your music…


  2. I always thought that CCRs’ song said “there’s a bathroom on the right” Actually, it is “theres’ a bad moon on the rise”


  3. I’m glad you both enjoyed the post. We have to have our music and books! Allison, I’ve heard others who thought the same thing about the CCR song. It’s one of the funnier ones! 🙂


  4. This is too much fun, Loretta!

    In my youth, I realized that girls were so much better about picking up lyrics — perhaps you guys are just better at listening (I think the Former Mrs. Osteen said something like that, but I was watching TV at the time).


  5. Thanks for the laugh, Loretta! Misheard lyrics are one of my favorite subjects.

    Here’s one I can contribute: I was in my early 20s, riding in the car with my then-roommate Katie, listening to AC/DC. (don’t judge…) We were singing loudly when she turned to me and said, “What IS dunderchee, anyway?!” My reply was, “What?” “You know, he sings ‘dirty deeds, dunderchee’.” We both died laughing after I explained that he actually sings ‘dirty deeds, DONE DIRT CHEAP’. 🙂


  6. Hey Abby, we miss you!! Thanks for this one. It’s a new one for me and I got a good laugh out of it! When you have time, you should go to the sites I mentioned and add it. Share the mirth! 🙂


  7. I love it….and it’s not just the older songs that are confusing. I heard a country song not long ago that I thought said ” when I die young bury me inside” but actually says “bury me in satin”. I’m not sure if it’s us that hear it wrong or if some of these singers just have fluff in their mouths!!! Either way gotta love those misheard lyrics.


  8. Great post, Loretta – and great follow up comments, everyone. It’s been fun to read through all your contributions. I, myself, am awful with song lyrics. My mishearing everything started at a young age and my family still hasn’t let me live down my completely nonsensical (and non-english) interpretation of Heart’s “These Dreams.”


  9. Sarah! It’s so good to hear from you! Heart was a favorite of mine. You’ll have to share the misheard lyrics sometime. I would love to know what they were. 🙂


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