Our State

By Faye

Books I read from cover to cover, page by page. Sometimes I will stay up all night to finish a truly good one.

But magazines are generally different. I will flip thru and maybe read an article or two and then recycle them to friends or the bookstore. But there is one that is truly a delight and I anxiously await the next issue. Our State. I almost always open the back to see the Tar Heel images first. Then to the front and test my knowledge on the Our State quiz.

North Carolina (my state) is so interesting and packed with history. If you are struggling to answer some of the questions in the quiz, as I always am, check out the book I have just rediscovered to help with all the answers.  North Carolina Trivia compiled by Ernie and Jill Couch. The revised edition is 1991 so please allow for some changes in the past few years but most information will always be correct.

The book is divided into six chapters. They are geography, entertainment, history, arts and literature, sports and leisure, and science and nature. Listed below are a few questions taken from this book that could easily be “quiz” questions. How many can you answer?

  •  Do you know which community provided the first North Carolina public library?
  •  The “Frankie Silvers Ballad” written in 1883 evolved into the popular 20th century ballad better known as “Frankie and Johnny”. Where was it composed?
  •  New Bern is the birthplace of which famous soft drink?
  •  Carl “Moose” Eller was born in Winston Salem. Which professional football team did he play for?
  •  Which mountain burst into bloom in June with more than 600 acres of rhododendron?
  •  Chronologically, how did North Carolina rank in joining the Union?
  •  What outdoor drama retells the story of the Cherokee Indians?
  • What is the name of the 25 mile gorge that runs between Franklin and Highlands?
  • What mountain has the highest cliff east of the Rockies and located in the Pisgah National Forest?
  • Name the tree that George Vanderbilt introduced to North Carolina and can be found growing wild in the western half of the state.

Answers found below:

(Bath, Morganton jail, Pepsi, Minnesota Vikings, Roan Mountain, 12th, Unto these Hills, Cullasaja Gorge, Whiteside Mountain, Paulownia or Empress tree)

5 thoughts on “Our State

  1. Wow, Faye. I thought I was a good Tarheel — but I don’t know a thing!

    I’ll have to look for Paulownia. Is it hard to find?


  2. Luke, it is very easy to spot. It has large upright lavender blooms in the spring. After it blooms it has pointed green fruit capsules about 1½-inches long that contains thousands of small seeds. As the seed pod matures it dries to brown in autumn and stays on the tree during winter. A beauty but invasive!


  3. Thanks, Faye, for the reminders and trivia questions. I grew up with Our State magazine (which started in 1933 and I think used to be called just The State) My uncle, who lived in Raleigh and worked for NC State University, subscribed to the magazine and I read it at his house whenever I visited.


  4. I’ve seen a lot of Paulownia lining I-40 on the Big Mountain going down east from Asheville. Not the best place for a close look, but the passing glimpses are rather pretty in the spring. Hope y’all are doing well!

    ps: Faye, I totally failed your quiz.


    • Thanks Sarah! We are great here and hope you are too. I would love to be up there on the Skyway viewing the deer in velvet!


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