Who likes taking tests?

By Jeff

I guess the answer is just about no one.  Though some people thrive on the challenge of a test,  most of us would just rather skip that part – especially standardized tests!

One way to make a test easier, anyone will tell you, is to prepare.  Make sure you study hard and know your stuff.  There are some though, who, no matter how much they study, just “aren’t test takers.”  Their brains freeze.  Answers won’t come to them, even though, just minutes ago, they knew them.

Well, another strategy to less stressful test taking is to take a practice test.  That is, take a similar test to the one you are going to be taking in the future.  When one knows the layout and the expectations of a future exam, that exam can be much less stressful.  Luckily, Fontana Regional Library, provides the Learning Express Library, through NCLive.  There you’ll find  practice tests of every kind.  Better yet, they are free for all Fontana Regional Library cardholders.  Here is how they describe themselves:

Whatever your goal, LearningExpress Library’s resources will help you succeed. Each of our Learning Centers offers the practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and information you need to achieve the results you want—at school, at work, or in life. Looking to land a job? You’ll find an entire Learning Center dedicated to helping you get the one that’s right for you.

This is basically an all-ages resource, with help for Elementary, Middle, and High School students.  Also, the site offers College Preparation courses and test exams, GED Preparation, Popular Software Tutorials, Occupational Practice tests (like Postal Service, Air Traffic Controller, etc), Workplace Skills Improvement and much more.

Some of the help they offer is in video format, so a high-speed internet connection (or a lot of patience)  is often required.   Luckily, Fontana Regional Libraries also offers use of computers to take these tutorials and exams.

So, how do you get access to all these tutorials, tests, exercises, ebooks, etc.?  Well, the easiest way to get started is to go to your nearest Fontana Regional Library and register to use Learning Express Library.  Once you have registered, you will be able to use any computer connected to the internet to log in and  continue using the resources.

School will be starting again soon (it’s actually started already in some communities) and tests will be right around the corner.  This year, remember that you might want to take a practice test first.  You might be surprised at how much it helps you when it comes time to take the real thing.

4 thoughts on “Who likes taking tests?

  1. Jeff – I am one of those people who simply cannot take a test. I can know a subject inside and out, and when I have to answer questions about it, I freeze completely. Taking mock test can help a lot. Thanks for the post.


  2. Thanks, Jeff! I took some of the tests.

    Apparently I should not be an Air Traffic Controller.

    I did qualify for Clothes Hanger Repair Technician. Bring me your bent hangers (I’m at Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library) and I’ll make them like new again, for just $14 each.

    (Sorry about the price, but I have to buy some specialized tools).


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