Super Deluxe Library Patron

By Faye

What is the most important part of a library?

If you said the patrons you would be absolutely right! Without them, we, the staff would not be needed.

I really enjoy working with our patrons and have decided to randomly interview some of them to get their story on our libraries.

Today I talked to Pamela. She is a Communicator Specialist and is a “Super Deluxe Library Patron”.

Pamela, do you remember getting your first Library Card?

“My first Library Card—there have been many as I have moved through my life. But yes, even as a little girl I knew that having a library card was my ticket to many worlds.”

What do you use your card for the majority of the time? (books, computers, cdbooks, etc)

“The number one use is for books to checkout. Computers would be a close second.”

 Pamela, what are some of your favorite books, movies or authors?

“My favorite author would be Agatha Christie. Her subject characters Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Tommy and Tuppence are terrific! My favorite movie is “On Golden Pond” with Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. I totally love the feel of this movie.”

Have you been involved in a project that benefited by all the information available at the library?

“I am always remodeling my house and the books I find at the library have been fantastic”. My diet is a work in progress and is greatly aided by the cookbooks.”

Would you like to share a story, Pamela?

“I love the Marianna Black Library! From reading a magazine, the Smoky Mountain Times, drinking a cup of coffee, surfing the net on a computer, or looking at the most recent display in the showcase. It’s all GOOD!”

3 thoughts on “Super Deluxe Library Patron

  1. “She is a Communicator Specialist.”

    Huh? I was something of a communicator specialist in elementary school, but I usually ended up having to sit next to the teacher’s desk.

    I didn’t know you could make a living at it. Sweet gig!


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