For the last couple of months we’ve been keeping you apprised of our efforts to bring ebooks to you.  AT LAST THEY ARE HERE!  To find them you need to use the link to the e-iNC website:  http://e-inc.lib.overdrive.com.  The link should be on the Library’s website.  Look for the e-iNC logo.

You will need your library card to check books out.  You can check out up to four ebooks for two weeks.  You can renew your items if no one is waiting for them, and you can return them early if you are finished with them.  Just like with paper books, only one person can check out a book at a time.  We’ll have some extra copies for the popular ones to help cut down wait time.  There are about 1300 titles right now.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but there are new titles being added every day.  Check back often to see what’s been added.  We are just getting started and we will be growing the collection.

So, how is this going to work?  Well, first you need to go to the e-iNC website.  If you remember from my last post, e-iNC is the name of our ebook consortium.   Major caveat:  This is meant for you to do from your home computer.  You will not be able to download ebooks on library computers because of licensing limitations in the ebook download software.  However, you can bring your own laptop into the library and use our high-speed Internet connection, if you want.

  1. On the top of the page go to “SIGN IN”.  This will take you to a list of libraries in our consortium.
  2. Select “Fontana Regional Library” from the drop-down list
  3. Enter your library card number and click “sign in”

This takes you to your account page where you can see what ebooks you have checked out, what ebooks you have on hold, and your wish list.  On the left side of the screen there are help resources including a getting started video and a list of compatible devices which link to help pages on how to use each device.  And beneath that you can browse the ebook collection.

While you are over on the left side of the screen, way down at the bottom, you might notice something about “overdrive advantage”.  Because we are part of a consortium, our ebooks are shared with other libraries.  All the libraries contribute to the collection, which lets us offer more titles than we could alone.  But since that means that our customers may have to wait longer for the most popular titles, we’ve added something called an “advantage account”.  These are copies of books that are set aside just for Fontana Regional Library cardholders.  You don’t have to do anything special to get them; as long as you are signed in as a Fontana user they will automatically be available to you.  That’s one of the reasons that you always want to sign in with your library card at the beginning of your search session.

If you find something in the collection you like and it’s available you can add it to your “ebookbag” and continue browsing.  Many items  will have multiple formats available.  Choose the one that works best for your device.  The Adobe epub format works for most ereaders except the Kindles and is easier to use than the PDF version, so it is the recommended format for non-Kindle users.   If you want to wait and read it later you can add it to your wish list.  If it isn’t available you can put it on hold.  When you are ready, you can click on “ebookbag” and checkout the items you want (up to four).

After you check out an ebook you can read it on a number of different devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones, and ereaders.  But first you need to download it from the e-iNC website.  To do this you need an “app” installed on your device.  If you are using a phone or tablet you will need to have Overdrive Media Console.  If your device is a Kindle you will be directed to your Amazon account to download the book.  If you are using a PC or Mac you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed.  If you have an ereader other than a Kindle, such as a Nook or a Kobo, you will need to download to a PC or MAC first, then “sideload” the ebook to your ereader.  Fortunately, the e-iNC site has handy help instructions for all of this, and links to the different apps.

It seems like a lot the first time you download an ebook, but after the first time you’ll find it’s pretty easy to do.  And if you have problems, the staff in the library is here to help.   While there are some publishers who won’t make their ebooks available to libraries, we will try to provide a pleasing variety for everyone.  So,please jump in and give it a try, and let us know what other titles you would like us to get.