Super Deluxe Library Patron

By Faye

What is the most important part of a library?

If you said the patrons you would be absolutely right! Without them, we, the staff would not be needed.

I really enjoy working with our patrons and have decided to randomly interview some of them to get their story on our libraries.

My second “Super Deluxe Library Patron” is Francine. She is a retired Physical Education/Outdoor Education Teacher.

Francine, do you remember getting your first Library Card?

Definitely. I was about 6 years old. My parents were working at a Camp in southern Wisconsin and we traveled to Antioch, IL every Saturday. I was allowed to check out as many books as I could carry. I would read them all and return for a new batch the next Saturday. As the summers went on, I not only roamed the woods and lake areas but read my way through the children’s room at the library and kept on going!

So today, Francine, what do you use your library card for the majority of the time?

Books, Books and more Books! I love to READ!

Is there a good book or movie you have enjoyed lately?

That would be the Cat in the Hat movie. My granddaughter and I have really enjoyed it.

Is there a special story you would like to share about how the library has helped you?

My “project” now that I have retired from formal teaching is to share God’s wonderful world with my 2 ½ year old granddaughter. She is an eager learner and was introduced last year to the pre-school story program at the Marianna Black Library. She has been held and read to since birth by her parents and grandparents. She has many of her own books and we check out numerous one at the library. She enjoys the library programs and feels very comfortable and confident with the wonderful librarians who always treat her with kindness and respect, despite her young age.

Thank Francine for being a Super Deluxe Library Patron!