There Were Two Trains…

By Loretta

My friend carved out a trail through a tangled bog  once and allowed me the pleasure of walking it when I had time and good weather.  For the privilege, I would take along my cutters and clip back the encroachments.  There were places along the trail where Multiflora Rose had taken over and when it bloomed, in May or June, it was like a beautiful waterfall of flowers.  My friend didn’t like the rose, because it tended to take over everything, willfully going wherever it wanted, and she was ruthless in cutting it back.  I thought it was beautiful and added enormously to the walk, so I only clipped the worst offenders and kept it to myself.

My thought patterns are a little like the rose:  they start out small, take root, proliferate, and there’s no telling where they will end up.    Others like to keep them contained;  I like to just let them run.

These are a few of the ruminations I’ve enjoyed lately.  I’ll bet you’ve had similar ones:

  • Do the folks at PETA use sponges to clean their homes?
  • If you pour used alcohol into clean alcohol, will it disinfect itself?
  • Everything is made of atoms, so how do atoms know what to be?  And what binds certain ones together to form an object (outside the covalent or ionic bonds)?  In other words, how do they choose their friends?  And what keeps them from moving independently from one object to another and taking up residence?
  • If there were no stars, there would be nothing else.  No planets, no life as we know it, no nothing.  Imagine how cold and dark it would be.  I would never get the ice off my windshield!
  • Though the night sky is full of thousands of stars, space is mostly SPACE.  Think of the enormous distances between things.  New galaxies could move into distant neighborhoods and no one would know.  I wonder if we ever pick up refugees from other universes?
  • I saw long grass growing in the fork of a tree the other day.  One of them has adapted, but I’m not sure which.  Maybe both?
  • What would really happen if you threw a couple of shrimp on the Barbie?
  • And from my friend, Evelyn: why does everyone get sick when there is a stretch of warm weather in the winter, but they don’t in the heat of the summer.
Shrimp makes a very good hat!
If you would like some brain-teasers to help pass the cold (?) winter days, try one of these books from the library:

Do Penguins Have Knees?

When Do Fish Sleep?

Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

Go Figure.

6 thoughts on “There Were Two Trains…

  1. Well, Loretta, it’s about time you shared another post with us, lol. I love the questions in this article and if I ever figure out the answers, I will write again and share them. However, for the time being, they are great for some laughs, which I can always use. And I’m sure that every now and then, I will think of one or two of them and laugh again and maybe try to solve some of them. Thanks for a good read.


  2. Ronda and I are going to throw some shrimp on the Barbie because that just looks like so much fun. What happens when you throw some shrimp on Ken? Our guess is, “Shrimp Happens”. Keep it coming Loretta. We love your blogs.


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