Nora Ephron

By Stephen

As part of my regular morning routine, I watch “Morning Joe”.  When I tuned in one morning about six weeks ago, the cast was remembering Nora Ephron, who died June 26.  She was an essayist, scriptwriter, novelist and movie producer and director.  I would imagine most people have come in contact with her work on the movie screen:  “Sleepless in Seattle”, “When Harry Met Sallie”, “You Got Mail”  and “Julie and Julia”were just some the more popular films she had a part in developing.   Her one novel, Heartburn,  was about the breakup of her marriage to journalist Carl Bernstein.

The subject of her essays late in her life were about laughing at the aging process.  I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts On Being a Woman and I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections, her last book, make fun of our physical appearance as we grow older and the trouble with memory or the lack of it.  Her death was the result of a long illness, which one writer suggested she alluded to in I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections.   Her books and movies can be found in the Fontana Catalog 

Although she’s gone from the physical world, Nora’s work will continue to give us pleasure, whether we are reading her advice to parents; or how she is worrying about her memory.   Watching Sallie making a simple restaurant order complicated; or Harry reading the end of a  book before he starts it, in case he dies before he gets to the end; or Kathleen mourning the loss of her bookstore; or Julie cooking her way through Julia Child’s french cookbook in a year.  In her books, movies, and any other of her work we happen to know, we will get  Nora’s always  fresh  outlook on the human condition.

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