Library ebooks on your Nook Color or Kindle Fire

Checking out library ebooks has just gotten easier for owners of Nook Color, Nook Tablets, and Kindle Fires.  Overdrive, the vendor that provides our library ebooks, has recently released two new apps for Nooks and for the Kindle Fire.  These apps allow library users to download Adobe EPUB formatted books directly to their Android based ereaders.   The apps are free and you can download them through the app store on your device or on the web.

In order to use them, you will need to use Adobe Digital Editions.  The app will help you set this up, but it is easier if you already have an Adobe ID.  If you don’t have one you can go to the Adobe website and create one.

CAVEAT: I have a Nook Color, so I’ve tried this on my Nook.  I don’t have access to a Kindle Fire, so I haven’t personally tried that version.  Therefore, some of the comments in this post will be based on my Nook experience.

The app isn’t entirely intuitive the first time you use it.  It gives you the opportunity to download content which turns out to be a video that doesn’t really help you get started with the app.  Then it pretty much gives you a blank screen.  But at the bottom of the screen is a menu icon.  It’s the little circle with three lines in it down on the status bar (by the battery and wi-fi indicators).  Touch that and you will have a menu of things you can do such as GET BOOKS!  The app will take you to the Overdrive search website where you can search by your zip code for the library system.  We are Fontana Regional Library, and we are part of the e-iNC Library.  You can go directly to e-iNC from there.  You will need your library card to check-out, but if you choose, you can save your card number and it will remember it next time.  You can also place holds through the app.

You will need to have your wi-fi turned on in order to connect to e-iNC and to download books.  You do not need wi-fi to read the books once you’ve downloaded them.

You can only download EPUB formats.  EPDF format will not download, so be careful to chose the correct format when you are checking out your items.  You can still read EPDFs on your computer if you accidentally pick the wrong format.  (I did that the first time, oops!)

You can only read your library selections IN THE APP – it doesn’t load them into your device library.  Once the check-out period expires you won’t be able to read them and you’ll be prompted to remove them.

I noticed that there is a small lag when going from one chapter to the next, but it was never too annoying.  Once I got past  the initial set up, the app has been very easy to use.  I really enjoy being able to download from e-iNC directly to my ereader.

Here are some instructions that have been put together by the libraries in e-iNC to help you with the setup of these apps.

FRL Nook app Instructions   FRL OverDrive Media Console Kindle Fire