‘Tis the Season…for Lists. Here’s a List of Lists.

By Jeff

Every year, this time of the year, I actually look forward to all the “best of…” and “most notable…” lists that come out.  I have two reasons for seeking out these lists.  First of all, they inevitably “fill the gaps” for me.  No matter how hard I try to stay on top of the best books, movies, music, etc., from the previous year, I always miss something.  Secondly, it’s always fun to mentally compare and contrast the lists of experts to my own ideas of what belongs.

Though many of these lists make it on to my radar through social media sources, I always forget to bookmark them or save their locations in one place on my computer.  Then, unfortunately, I tend to forget about them all together.  So, I’m solving this problem with this post:  A List of Lists.  All the “best of …” and “most notable…” list all in one place, and if you’re like me, read on.

Publisher’s Weekly has a web page that includes all of their lists.  But you can save yourself one click by choosing one of these genres and going directly to its list:  Top 10,  Fiction,  Myster/Thiller,  PoetryRomance,  SF/Fantasy/Horror,  ComicsNonfictionChildren’s PictureChildren’s FictionChildren’s NonfictionReligionLifestyle.

Library Journal reviews hundreds of books every month, so it’s no surprise that they have many different “best” lists, as well.  While there are too many lists to actually list here, this one stuck out:  Best Ebook Romance.

School Library Journal focuses on books for children and young adults, and they have a great all encompassing list on their web page.

The American Library Association has a list of Notable Books for Adults and Notable Books for Children.

The New York Times publishes several different book lists.  It’s simplest list is The 10 Best books of 2012, which covers the top 5 fiction and top 5 nonfiction books.  They also offer this all encompassing 100 Notable Books of 2012.

National Public Radio has their own list of lists on their site, as well.  Though some genres are listed (like, Historical Fiction and Science Fiction), NPR also has lists for special groups of people (like, Book Club Readers and Gift Givers).

The folks over at Goodreads do it a little differently.  They let readers vote on the best books of the year.  As of this writing, they have 1,156, 852 votes.  Personally, I suspect the votes are scewed a bit, because on the Humor list the book Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops has a strong placing at #3 (again, as of this writing).

If you’re still wanting more, you might want to take a look at these end of the year lists:

Of course, there are more (and there will be more in the coming weeks), so please mention them in comments section.


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