Science Rules!

By Amy

I love to read about new discoveries in science, from the out of this world to the mundane “Didn’t we already know that?!”:

Curiosity Finds Water, Poison in Martian Soil

First Cloudy Alien Planet Spotted from Earth

Doctors Find Drinking Only Soda is Bad for You


Along with the interesting news, however, you sometimes get some bad news. In a staggering blow to the scientific community, Bill Nye the Science Guy suffered an injury in week 2 of the dancing competition “Dancing with the Stars” and was eliminated in week 3. Bill Nye has played a large role in getting people interested in science, most popularly through his educational television program “Bill Nye the Science Guy” (1993-1998). I loved watching his videos when I was growing up and my daughter watches them at school, too! It was awesome to see someone like Bill tackle dancing and it was really cool how seeing Bill Nye on television again has reignited a wide-spread interest in science! His elimination from the show was very disappointing.

considerOf course, you don’t have to watch “Dancing with the Stars” to get a dose of science! Did you know that… Macon County Public Library has a science club? MCPL’s Club 503 is meeting every 4th Thursday- the next meeting will be October 24th- from 3:30pm to 4:15pm for kids K-6th grade. Their first meeting focused on learning all about air. They did experiments with soda bottle rockets, built a spitballer out of pvc pipe, and kept balloons aloft with blow dryers! There was a great turnout and the kids had a blast (of air!). Come by next meeting for some fun experiments involving candy- fun and delicious!

If you can’t make it to a science club meeting, check out a book instead:

impossiblescienceImpossible Science by James Bow – Discusses how close science is to conquering currently impossible tasks, including teleportation, time travel, and death rays.


Step-by-step science experiments in energy by Janice VanCleave – Provides step-by-step instructions for a variety of experiments in force and energy, illustrating such concepts as conservation of mass, refraction of light, and kinetic and potential energy.

issThe coolest job in the universe : working aboard the International Space Stationby Henry M. Holden – Explores the International Space Station (ISS), including its construction and the missions required to build it, living and working aboard the ISS, and its importance as the future of the space program

bonesBones never lie : how forensics helps solve history’s mysteries by Elizabeth MacLeod – Uses forensic sciences to try to solve some of the world’s mysteries, including how Napoleon died, the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask, and the fate of Thailand’s King Rama.

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  1. Science! I (Chris) was actually a fan of Bill Nye before he was the Science Guy. He used to be on a show out of Seattle called Almost Live! that was sort of a local SNL.


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