There’s an app for that

Google-apps-ne-besplatenBy Amy

I love playing with apps- you can always find something you never knew you needed!

There’s a few that help you make the most of your library – OverDrive and OneclickDigital help you load your device with ebooks or audiobooks (visit NCLive for even more information and sources for eBooks). Worldcat, the world’s largest library catalog, has a mobile webapp that will let you search catalogs from libraries all over the world.

Other apps just help you organize your life- or help you get away from it! Here are some of my favorite apps:

Duolingo_logoDuoLingo – DuoLingo is a language learning app. You translate phrases, words, or sentences between your language and the language you’d like to learn. There are also recorded exercises to practice speaking. It’s a neat app for when you’ve got time to kill and want to feel productive!



ChoreMonster – This is an app my daughter loves (most days!) that helps you organize chores for you child. You can schedule chores and include pictures and notes to help remind your kids what they should  be doing. Children earn points for completing chores assigned by parents and also get a chance to spin the monster wheel for each chore completed. The monster wheel offers the chance to win a digital monster for your monster collection.

myfitnesspalMyFitnessPal – integrates with other fitness apps to help you track your exercise, what you’ve eaten, and your health goals.  There are tons of features built right into the MyFitnessPal app, so even if you don’t tie it into all the other fitness trackers the app still provides valuable feedback and tracking capabilities.



mangoMango Health – is a medication management app. You can input all your medications, when you take them, and how many are in the bottle and Mango Health will send you reminders to take and refill your medications. The app will also display information about your medicines or supplements and will warn you of any cross reactions. You earn points for taking your medications, which can be spent on rewards like a $1 donation to the American Cancer Society or ASPCA, a 1-Night Redbox DVD rental, or gift cards at popular retailers.


ifttt-logo-largeIFTTT – If This Then That lets you set up relationships between apps and functions. “IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that.” You can have IFTTT remind you to go defrost your car if the temperature outside drops to a specific temperature or remind you to grab your umbrella if the weather reports calls for rain. You can have it save all your tweets to a google spreadsheet, email you when your kids post to instagram, text your wife when you leave work, or practically anything you can think of!


So what are your favorite apps? Is there an app you find yourself lost without?

One thought on “There’s an app for that

  1. Talking Tomcat is one of my favorites, but that is just for fun and entertainment. My husband’s favorite is the Domino’s Pizza app.
    You can build your own pizza, save it to favorites, and pay. Then the next time you order and you want to choose from your favorites, it is just a one-click order, no hastle, and just that simple.
    It also comes with a tracker so you can check on your order and see when it is being prepped, who is prepping it, and pace yourself so that you are ready when the pizza is, that is, IF you are ordering carryout. There is also an option for you to have them deliver it to your house, if you prefer.
    You can get one of these apps for Kindle, Windows Phone, iPhone,and Android phones.
    The Domino’s Pizza App is free.
    Papa John’s Pizza has an app as well.
    PIzza Hut has an app, but it doesn’t work with Kindles. 😦


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