Keep Calm and Cast On

I’m going to type something here that I never in my life thought I would be saying: I, Stephanie, have begun to knit.


I, Stephanie, love to knit.

knitting - yarn

It’s all I talk about now. Ask my coworkers, my friends, my family. I’m sure they’ll all nod and roll their eyes. But listen, and lean in close because I’m only going to say this once, here, right now: knitting. is. amazing. Don’t worry, I have my reasons:

1. It’s good for your health! Knitting calms me. I have (multiple times now might I add) sat down in the evening to add a few rows to the Gryffindor scarf I am working on for a friend, and before I know it three hours have passed and my mind has had all of that time to just relax and do its thing. Here’s a great piece CNN did titled, This is Your Brain on Knitting, and here is a video that the Craft Yarn Council released titled, Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time, which will then lead you to this article, The Truth about Knitting and Crochet… They’re Good for You! by Leslie Petrovski. Lastly, check out one of our new resources through NC Life, ProQuest, which is filled with information on not only knitting therapy, but tons of other topics as well.

2. Compared to a number of hobbies I can think of, it is reasonably priced. I can get a ball of yarn from $1-3, and there are lots of good deals you can find online for needles. (Example: a group of gals and I recently put in an order of 10 knitting needles for $10.)

3. You can make things for friends and family (and yourself, of course)! I mean, how many people can go around and casually say, “Oh, yeah, my friend hand knitted me this hat.” Being able to make something is always a very good feeling, and your friends and family will love you for it. (Especially this time of year when winter is most definitely coming.)

If I’ve snagged your attention and you’re interested, go HERE to peruse the knitting resources in our catalog.

Knitting Help is a really useful resource as well, especially if you’re a visual person and want to watch videos that will teach you how to knit.

Lastly, if knitting interests you but you’re not sure about diving in headfirst, there will be an Arm Knitting class at the Jackson County Public Library from 11:00AM-12:15PM on December 13th where you can dip your toes in to test the water. (This is the first in our series of Creating Community art programs.)

And now, because I believe I’ve thrown enough info at you, I will leave you.

Have fun!

Keep Calm and Knit On

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  1. Knitting is awesome! My favorite part of knitting is how portable it is. I always have it with me- in the car, on trains, while I am waiting to be seated at restaurants; I’ve even been known to be finish up a gift while at a bar!


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