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penelopes-picks-6This week, I have a co-writer who will be recommending some series for the pre-teen age group that you must read! Though Penelope says must is rude, “you should only read them if you really want to.” I think they’re definitely worth checking out though!

The first series we want to talk about is Grimmtastic Girls by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams . This is the series that started Penelope’s foray into chapter books.

My school was having a book fair and my dad came with me to pick out some books for me to buy. That’s when I bought the Grimmtastic Girls. The first two books in the series came together in a pack with a key necklace and there was heart on the back of the key.

I think she picked those books just for the necklace, though she refuses to say anything about that on the record! In any case, she brought the book home and we started reading “Grimmtastic Girls: Cinderella Stays Late.

Grimmtastic Girls is a book about princesses and fairytale characters who go to school at Grimm Academy. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Red Riding Hood are all best friends. The princesses are on a quest to find their magical charms and find out what E.V.I.L. society is up to- and stop them! It was a fun series, I liked it a lot!

After reading Grimmtastic Girls, Penelope was excited to read more chapter books. We took a trip to the library to check out what was available.

I saw the Rainbow Fairies and Weather Fairies series in the paperbacks at the library. I love fairies! They have magical powers! There are two best friends who discover the fairies and help them find their sisters and fight the mean goblins together.

If you can’t get enough fairies from author Daisy Meadows, there are the Sports Fairies, the Music Fairies, the Ocean Fairies, the Jewel Fairies, the Fashion Fairies, and more!

Penelope shares one of her favorite books with a friend.
Penelope shares one of her favorite books with a friend.

The next series Penelope wanted to read was “Ever After High” by Shannon Hale. This series is interesting in that it’s part of the “Ever After High” franchise, which (oddly enough) started with the toy line and was followed by the television/web series. The books came after the toy line and TV series were already a big success.

penelopes-picks-3-1Ever After High is about two best friends, actually a lot of best friends…  who attend Ever After High to prepare for accepting their destiny and their story. The characters in the book are the children of famous fairytale characters. The children must promise to re-tell their parent’s story by becoming them- Apple White must play her part as Snow White and Raven Queen must fulfill her destiny as the Evil Queen in the story of “Snow White.” But, Raven Queen doesn’t want to play her part as the evil queen; she wants to write her own destiny.

Another series we discovered by browsing the shelves at the library was the “Goddess Girls,” brought to you by the authors of “Grimmtastic Girls.”

We’re only on book 3, but I love this series. The Goddess Girls follows the Goddess Girls of Mount Olympus Academy. Athena is the youngest and smartest student at MOA. The books tell the stories of Athena and her friends Persephone, Aphrodite, and Artemis (along with other goddess girls, god boys, and various mortals). They sometimes go on adventures and they have lots of fun together!

Penelope is super excited to continue the Goddess Girls series and plan to finish out the Ever After High series after discovering that each character has her own book with her own story, in addition to the main series. Stop by your library and discover something new to read, too!

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  1. I love it! Thanks for your reviews, Penelope! It’s so great to see you being a part of the library family. I hope to read more from you.


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