“When thou haply seest Some rare noteworthy object in thy travel”

My life here in the frigid middle of January feels like I’ve been binge-watching an Adam Sandler marathon while trying to stomach a Banquet Microwavable Chicken Pot Pie that was taken out of the oven after just over a minute-and-a-half — addlepated with an unshakable feeling of general disappointment.

(As an aside, how hungry do you have to be to find yourself yelling at the microwave to, “Go faster!?” I am not proud of this.)

It doesn’t help that my sole New Year’s Resolution had been hauled to the landfill by 8:01 A.M. January 1. Did I ever really believe that I’d be able to limit my online activity to one hour a day?

Yet I’m not without hope and my days are not bereft of sunshine, thanks to the good services of Fontana Regional Library.

You see, my Official Mistress and I will be visiting the United Kingdom in March for a much-anticipated holiday.

Credo Reference, available through fontanalib.org, is a fantastic compendium of information gathered from across the globe. It’s helped us plan our itinerary and given us insights into the people we’ll meet and the sites we’ll visit.

And the libraries of the Fontana Regional Library System have developed a deep shelf of travel guides for every country that a savvy traveler would ever wish to visit, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe. Even though the travel resources found online are comprehensive and lavishly illustrated, there’s something fundamentally satisfying about settling in and plowing through a book about a country you wish to visit. The combination of words and images can form an incomparable mindset in your imagination.

And after you’ve made lists in your head and planned imaginary itineraries, you can use the Fontana Regional Libraries to book your trip. Each maintains a suite of desktops equipped with high-speed internet service. It’s a snap to book your vacation through the host of online travel sites available. For our trip, we utilized the services of, well, FRL Blog Rules prohibit me from naming the company, but let’s just say we used a chubby former starship captain to “negotiate” (wink, wink) a deal for us.

That’s right, in a little over two months, we’ll be able to watch hours and hours of wholesome British television and reruns of “Family Matters” from the comfort of our hotel room. And, if we get a bit hungry, sample the menus of McDonald’s and Applebee’s in the heart of London!

I’ll keep you posted!

What we did on our London Getaway! Who doesn’t dream of watching TV in a different Time Zone?


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The cuisine was extraordinary!