Ice cream for breakfast, basically.

banana split
Fruit. Protein. What more do you need for breakfast?

Did you know that February 6 was Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? Neither did I. Luckily, we don’t really need an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, or any meal really – do we?

ben and jerry
Ice cream works as a replacement for any meal, though.

If you do find yourself needing permission, check out Leslie Levine’s Ice Cream for Breakfast: If You Follow All the Rules, You Miss Half the Fun. I didn’t read it myself, having never needed an instruction manual for breaking rules, but there is a chapter advocating ice cream for breakfast. More or less.


Richard Scarry’s Ice Cream for Breakfast is, disappointingly, mostly not about ice cream for breakfast – it’s about Backward Day, which is January 31. Ice cream makes a mere cameo appearance. Boo.

I’m declaring an official make-up day on February 25 – mostly because it’s the first day that I don’t really need to be functional after this blog will be posted. Mo Willems Should I Share My Ice Cream? will help out with any moral dilemmas you may have about sharing. Poor Elephant has a hard time answering that question – I can identify with that struggle.

This Thursday, February 22, is International World Thinking Day. I can’t even.

Speaking of weird holidays, March 5 is Learn What Your Name Means Day. One can find a plethora of baby name books in the system, but my favorite name meaning book is Name Crazy by Lewis Frumkes. This book has the most accurate description of “Emily” that I’ve ever read: “The martyr who allowed herself to be publicly stuffed and roasted on November 25, to dramatize the plight of Thanksgiving turkeys.” So true, so very true. Emilys do tend to be martyrs, at any rate.

Although most sources will tell you that “Emily” means “industrious.” Ha!

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