Guest Blog: Local author, Tyler Cook, reflects on Macon County Public Library’s Read Local Book Fair

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As I reflect on the fifth annual Read Local Book Fair in Franklin, I can’t help but feel excitement, as if I’m attending it for the first time.  Each year brings a new experience, and a new group of customers gets to experience a new book, whether they buy mine or someone else’s.  For us authors, being at this fair fills us up with pride.  For some, including yours truly, each year provides a new level of joy, because we have a new book to put on the table.

This year will be bittersweet for me, because I’ll have my new book, Disciple, to add to my collection for this event, but my partner in crime will not be with me.  For all the local people reading this, you know that my great-aunt, friend and fellow author, Eva McCall, passed away in November.  While Read Local won’t be my first event without Eva, it will sure be the most emotional one for me.  Even though my family with Moonshine Press will have the largest representation ever at this event, I won’t be able to help but feel the void in the room on that day.

If you are reading this, and you have never been to a Read Local event before, I strongly encourage you to do so.  Not only is it an opportunity to select a new favorite book, but it allows you to engage with the community and meet the people behind the words.  I’ve had many conversations with prospective readers, telling them how I’ve gotten to this point in my writing, explaining the development of characters and what I’m currently working on.  This also applies to the many talented authors I sit with every year.

Like I’ve already mentioned, many of my fellow Moonshine Press authors will also be attending, and I wouldn’t be able to speak about this event without highlighting their work.  Not only will my and Eva’s books be available for sale, but so are the books by the very talented authors, Deanna Lawrence, Pam McDonald, Mary Kinsey, and many others.  Working with each of them has been a life lesson and a high honor.  Seeing them enjoy the sale of a book pleases me just as much as me seeing one of my own sold.

That is what the Read Local Book fair does for me and my fellow authors.  It gives us a moment to shine and allow us to fulfill our dreams by pitching our stories to those who still enjoy a true gift: reading a book.  If you have heard about the event in years past, but couldn’t quite bring yourself to make the trip, I hope this post will change your mind this year.  Regardless if you’re a fan of reading, attending will open your eyes to the many talented people we have in Macon County!

My thanks to the Macon County Public Library for asking to write this post.

All attending authors and (some) of their works: