Summer Is Coming

Memorial Day has come and gone, and though it’s a time of somber reflection, it’s also become the official unofficial start of the summer season. BBQ’s, sales, and the end of the school year. And you know what the end of the school year means…


Yes, I know it says Summer Reading. But it’s Summer Learning, now. You should sign up no matter what it’s called.

Each summer, we libraries participate in the Summer Learning Program. I could go into extreme detail on the history and evolution of the program, but I’ll spare you my ramblings on that topic. Suffice to say that these programs encourage kids and teens (and adults) to read and learn through the summer. Studies have shown that kids who read (or are read to) at least 20 minutes a day are less likely to succumb to the dreaded summer slide. One of the best ways to ensure your kids have something to read? Come to the Library and stock up.

Ooooooh, it’s a theme

But it’s not just reading. That’s why it’s Summer LEARNING now. We do all the things! This year’s Summer Learning Program is going to be fantastic. A Universe of Stories. It ties in to the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing! We’re going to have space programming galore, rocket launches, planetarium shows, and so much more. Some of your favorite programs are getting a Space makeover. Professor Whizzpop will visit several branches with Blast Off to Books. Aspen Black will be back for To the Moon and Beyond. The Smoky Mountain STEM Collaborative will be taking us from the Moon to Mars. And of course we’ll have several of our annual animal programs, because who doesn’t love animals. Snakes Alive, the WNC Nature Center, and experts from the Highlands Biological Station will be visiting our branches.

In addition to all these cool events, we have MakerTools too! Robotics, coding, 3D printing, green screen fun! Each branch has a ton of things planned, so check out our calendar for a full schedule of activities for kids, teens, and adults.

RIP Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat)

There you have it. A very brief taste of what the summer has in store. No matter your age, reading level, or interests, your Library has something for you. Pop in to your local branch and sign up for Summer Learning. Remember, we have programs for kids, teens, and adults (a later blog post will dive deep on the Adult Summer Learning Program.)