Early Voting Starts Today, October 15!

Get your early vote on.

Early voting in North Carolina begins today, October 15th, and will run until October 31st. The process of early voting is a relatively recent development – while its roots took form back in 1977, it wasn’t until 1999 that everyone could cast an early vote. Early voting has only become more popular in the years since.

Why choose early voting?

  1. You can choose the time and date at your convenience. Election Day is momentous, but one day won’t work for everyone. Early voting lasts over two weeks, affording you some breathing room to vote on your schedule. Set aside an hour at your convenience to grab some coffee and visit your local pollsters.
  2. You can vote at any authorized location you prefer. While on Election Day you must vote at your assigned precinct, during early voting, citizens can visit one of multiple polling centers (each county usually provides several different locations). With early voting, you have the option to choose a location that aligns with your work commute or grocery run.
  3. Voting early eliminates the stress and chaos of submitting your vote on one high pressure day. Early voting is proven to be safe (learn more about voter safety during the pandemic from the NC State Board of Elections). While on November 3rd, you only have one opportunity to vote, with early voting you have the option to try again if conditions are not ideal. Bypass COVID-crowds and time-consuming lines, avoid last minute hiccups, and secure your “I Voted” sticker today!

Early voters checklist:

  1. Are you registered? North Carolina’s voter search tool will let you know if and where you are currently registered. The deadline to register to vote was October 9th – missed the deadline? Fear not. During the early voting period, you can register to vote the same day you go in-person to cast your vote; this is known as same-day registration. Yet another benefit to early voting!
  2. Do you know who you want to vote for? Get an idea of what your ballot will look like by viewing each county’s sample ballots.
    1. Jackson County sample ballot
    2. Macon County sample ballot
    3. Swain County sample ballot
  3. Ready? Where to go for early voting: Use the NC One-Stop Voting tool to find the nearest polling location. The only rule is that you must vote in the county you currently reside in.
Find polling locations in your county here: NC One-Stop Voting Tool

Already this year, more people have voted early than ever before. Voting is a cornerstone to our democratic freedoms. Thank you for voting and supporting our democracy!

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