Gone, and a cloud in my heart.

By Sarah I've taken that Alfred Tennyson quote out of context, but it sums up well what I've been feeling for a few weeks.  For over three and a half years, I have been the branch librarian at the Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library.  However, I have made the decision to accept a job in Virginia … Continue reading Gone, and a cloud in my heart.

Our History is Our Strength

By Sarah Our shared history unites families, communities, and nations.  Although women’s history is intertwined with the history shared with men, several factors - social, religious, economic, and biological - have worked to create a unique sphere of women's history. With ideas like coverture being the norm for years, women's experiences in history were often silenced.  … Continue reading Our History is Our Strength

Happy Birthday to Us!

By Sarah Can it be? Is Our Buddies, Our Shelves already one year old? Yes, yes: our blog launched one year ago today! In just 365 days, our blog has been viewed over 11,100 times.  From the serious to the not-so-serious, from children to adults, from the past, present, and future - we've covered it all.  … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Us!

If you can’t read this, it might be too small

By Sarah Do you find yourself squinting to read your favorite novels?  Perhaps you know someone who hasn't picked up a book for a while because the print is too hard for them.  If this sounds familiar, might I suggest trying out Fontana Regional Library's Large Print books? With Large Print books, the type is … Continue reading If you can’t read this, it might be too small

And the winner is…

By Sarah The Youth Media Awards are kind of like the librarian's version of the Oscars.  (Minus the fancy dresses, glitz & glamour, and the red carpet.)  Just two days ago, Fontana Regional Libraries were closed due to snow.  Where was I to be found?  I was on the edge of my seat as the American Library … Continue reading And the winner is…

Sesquipedalians: Not for the Foppotee

By Sarah Do you yearn to express yourself in more specific terms?  Do you find yourself in need of an expansive vocabulary to impress people at all those cocktail parties you attend?  Are you looking for a word that will help you score over 100 points on the triple word score in Scrabble?  If so, … Continue reading Sesquipedalians: Not for the Foppotee

It was purple.

By Sarah I've had long hair most of my life (except for that regrettable period in high school I wish to forget) and in fifth grade, it was the primary reason I was cast as "Leslie" in our class adaptation of Louis Sachar's 1978 classic book Sideways Stories from Wayside School.  No, I can't credit … Continue reading It was purple.

Think for Yourself…

By Sarah Happy Banned Books Week, everyone!  It's time for the annual celebration of your freedom to read whatever you choose.  According to http://www.bannedbooksweek.org, this special week "was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries. More than a thousand books have been challenged … Continue reading Think for Yourself…

Cleaning Green

This is a guest post submitted by Darlene, who works at the Hudson Library in Highlands. This year I’ve decided that I’m going to do something nice for the environment and only use “green” products.  My co-worker has been making her own cleaning products from everyday items in her kitchen as well as some old … Continue reading Cleaning Green

Read ’em and Weep

By Sarah Dear faithful readers, I need your help.  It's an odd request I'll admit, but I need some suggestions.  I have only read two books that have made me cry this year: Olive's Ocean and Mockingjay.  (What?  Futuristic, dystopian novels don't make you weep, too?)   Sure, I also teared up a little when I re-read Katsa and Po's … Continue reading Read ’em and Weep