The Grand Finale

I've done over 50 blog posts in my career here at Fontana Regional Library. 50! Seems like a lot. The reason I bring this up is because this post that you are reading right now is my last. I am leaving the library and we are moving across the country (2,674 miles to be exact). … Continue reading The Grand Finale

ISDKWYATA: Even More Acronyms (and books)

I received a lot of good feedback on my first post about acronyms. Several people mentioned other ones that they use or see with some frequency, so I figured a second venture into the world of initialisms was warranted. See what I did there? It has been argued that what are commonly referred to as … Continue reading ISDKWYATA: Even More Acronyms (and books)

10 More Books I Read

The books keep piling up. Most of my posts have a theme to them, such as zombies, or cats, or weddings. It is easy enough to fit books into categories. The problem are those books that don't quite fit into these niches. This helped give birth to Random Book Day, but that isn't until November, … Continue reading 10 More Books I Read

The Joy of Hearing: Children’s Audiobooks

This week's blog is a guest post from Cristen, Youth Services Supervisor at the Macon County Public Library. She's going to tell us about children's audiobooks with the assistance of a bright young lady by the name of Tessa. Enjoy! I don’t know about your family, but my family spends a lot of time in … Continue reading The Joy of Hearing: Children’s Audiobooks

I Did It! Bingo!

It was last summer that I blogged about genre bingo, and it has taken me that long to finally get bingo myself. Believe me, I have been reading up a storm since then. I just haven't been reading the right books, I guess. One thing I pledged to do, and obviously kept to, was to … Continue reading I Did It! Bingo!

Classics For A Reason: 8 Books That Stand The Test Of Time

I've touched on the question of what makes a book "classic" before, and it inspired me to take a more indepth look. Now, I still can't really tell you what qualifies a book as a classic, but it is pretty interesting to look at some trends. Finding lists of classic books is easy. They are … Continue reading Classics For A Reason: 8 Books That Stand The Test Of Time

Words Are Fun

Words are fun! You can put them in all sorts of orders and come out with beautiful books or with complete gibberish. Some might say that The Sound and the Fury accomplishes both of these. What I really want to go on about though are words that are fun to say. Or at least I … Continue reading Words Are Fun

15 Movies With People Maybe You Didn’t Know Were In Star Wars

A cameo in a movie is when someone of note has a short appearance in the film. This might be a well known actor, or a real life celebrity playing themselves, or perhaps the art director of the movie. I mention this because I see the term misused a lot these days. For example, several … Continue reading 15 Movies With People Maybe You Didn’t Know Were In Star Wars

A Guide To Reading

Did anyone ever teach you how to read? Not the actual art of deciphering words on a page, but as in what books you should read when and things like that? Well, this isn't that kind of guide. This is more of a tips and tricks sort of thing. I think many of us aren't … Continue reading A Guide To Reading

We Hardly Read You: Authors We Lost In 2015

As this year ends I thought I would write about some of the authors who passed away this year. Now I don't want to bum anyone out here. We want to celebrate these writers and then maybe read some of their books. I will, however, link their names to news about their passing if you … Continue reading We Hardly Read You: Authors We Lost In 2015