To celebrate the newly kindled partnership between Fontana Regional Library and the video streaming service Kanopy, let’s explore a few of the classics that we now have access to. But first, what is Kanopy? Kanopy started as a DVD rental company in Australia in 2008 that distributed to national school libraries. As technology advanced and … Continue reading Kanopy

Picture books!

Occasionally, I have to meet new people. Even more occasionally (thank goodness), I will meet a new person who, upon learning that I work at a library, will say some version of, “I like books – if they have pictures in them!” They will then look at me expectantly with an expression of inane smugness, … Continue reading Picture books!

The Truth is Out There: 13 Documentary Films

We watch movies for many reasons.  To laugh and to cry, to be amazed and to see things blow up. Mainly we watch them to be entertained. But some films can do more than just entertain us. They can also educate us, and show us the world in new ways. Documentary films have been around … Continue reading The Truth is Out There: 13 Documentary Films

Culture Club

By Amy Despite how badly I want to make all the jokes, you won't find any Boy George here! And I'm not just saying that to make you cry! The Culture Club is a new program at Macon County Public Library. Parents of the some of the littlest library patrons mentioned that it would be … Continue reading Culture Club

Strange on Our Shelves

Chris:  Bad Monkeys, by Matt Ruff, is unquestionably a weird book.  It is shaped weird, tall and narrow, with oddly rounded pages.  The cover is bright yellow and has an image of a monkey on the front that is reminiscent of an ink blot.  But if we were only concerned with the physical properties of … Continue reading Strange on Our Shelves

The Voynich Manuscript

By Loretta I love a good mystery - but not the kind written by Agatha Christie.  I prefer the kinds that exist in the world, many of them defying explanation.  And there are lots of them.  Sometime ago, I stumbled on one I hadn’t heard mentioned before, the Voynich Manuscript.  Of course, the first thing … Continue reading The Voynich Manuscript

A Harvest of Art

By Loretta I don’t care who built them - I love crop circles.  They’re beautiful.  Period. That said, though, I do not believe they were built, sometimes in an hour or even less, by someone with a treadle and two ropes - or even a few people with treadles and ropes.  Pull the other one; … Continue reading A Harvest of Art

Earth Friendly

By Faye Do you like handmade crafts? Even though you know they are worth every cent of the price tag is it still more than you want to pay? Why not try your hand at creating beautiful crafts from recyclables. Instead of taking cans, bottles, paper and even clothing to the landfill create artwork! The … Continue reading Earth Friendly

Getting pictures, automagically!

By John For those of us who use digital cameras and go through the throws of locating a cable to connect our camera or card readers to our computers to get at our photos and videos have something to rejoice about. There’s a company that’s been making memory cards with Wi-Fi capability built into it, … Continue reading Getting pictures, automagically!

Horace Kephart – Writer, Outdoorsman, National Park Activist…Librarian?

By Jeff This past weekend in Bryson City, the town celebrated the life of  Horace Kephart (1862-1931), who made Swain County his home away from home.  Kephart, for those who don't know, was the writer of Our Southern Highlanders (1913) and Camping and Woodcraft (1918), two works that are, after nearly a century, still in print.  … Continue reading Horace Kephart – Writer, Outdoorsman, National Park Activist…Librarian?