Creating your Character

Hello everyone! Julia from JCPL here and this go around in Dungeons and Dragons world we will discuss the first step in beginning any successful DnD campaign- creating your character. As with most things in DnD, you have near unlimited control over who your character is and who she/he will become. Which also means that … Continue reading Creating your Character

D&D at your local library

Hi everyone! Julia from Jackson County Public Library here with my first blog for Shelf Life of the Mountains. For this first post I had originally thought to write about ghost writing, comparing and contrasting it to best selling writers that use co-authors, such as James Patterson.  I quickly realized that the content was well… … Continue reading D&D at your local library

Calling all Nerds! – Healthy Escapism 101

I am a proud, card-carrying nerd.  While I am not a stereotype, I enjoy and appreciate all things geek (I do, after all, work in a library).  Over the years, my inner geek has taken a back seat to jobs, school, moves, and financial constraints, however, the geek is and will always be around, waiting … Continue reading Calling all Nerds! – Healthy Escapism 101

Board Games — a great antidote to boredom!

August is National Anti-boredom Month. What better time to ponder the definitely un-boring world of board games, right? First of all, I have to confess, I am a board-gamer. An avid one. My husband and I have a collection of over 400 board games (more broadly referred to as tabletop games), ranging from 10 Days in … Continue reading Board Games — a great antidote to boredom!

You’re Invited…

Saturday November 2nd from 1pm-5pm Jack the Dipper will be donating 10% of ice cream sales to the FRL Reading Rover Bookmobile! Bring your neighbors, friends, and family to enjoy an ice cream treat and an afternoon of fun in support of the Reading Rover!  Free face painting and children’s activities will be part of … Continue reading You’re Invited…

Walter White, Tony Soprano and Batman: A Look at Antiheroes

By Chris And Christina The Antihero.  From classic Greek drama all the way up to Walter White the antihero is a time honored literary trope.  And one that is often misunderstood.  Today we are going to help you understand who is or isn't an antihero, and talk about some of our favorites.  Of course our … Continue reading Walter White, Tony Soprano and Batman: A Look at Antiheroes

Let it snow …

By Deb Real snowflakes are made from snow crystals joining together.  Millions of little, light, airy snowflakes drift down to make ground-covering snow banks inches to feet high.  And every snowflake is different.  The person who is credited with discovering the variations in snowflakes was Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley (1865-1931).  Snowflake Bentley was a farmer whose … Continue reading Let it snow …


By Faye Anagrams are a words or phrases made by rearranging the letters to make a new word or phrase. The board game “Scrabble” works the same way.  If you have never played this game, the rules (and just about everything else about the game) can be for here.    It is a great way to build thinking … Continue reading Anagrams