Vegging Out

As you’ve heard, the Macon County Public Library is continuing its gardening tradition this summer!  While our Youth Services Department has had and continues to have a garden for folks 12 and younger, Adult Services, with the help of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, has been gardening in two 500 sq. ft. plots at the … Continue reading Vegging Out

Earth Day

Warm sunshine.  Rainy days.  Blooming plants.  The Earth is alive in this wonderful Spring season!  This is the perfect time to have Earth Day.  I guess that is why in 1970, 47 years ago, the first Earth Day was observed.  Earth Day is held to  "demonstrate support for environmental protection".  Topics can include environmental clean … Continue reading Earth Day

Latest Non-Fiction Books

By Stephen It never ceases to amaze me the variety of non-fiction books published each season.  Politics, popular science, biography memoirs and history (And you thought writers had finished with the Civil War!), cooking, etc. all seem to make their way onto bestseller lists.   Fans of non-fiction have their favorite  authors, just like readers of fiction; … Continue reading Latest Non-Fiction Books

A weed by any other name…

By MaryAnn Early one morning I was  digging weeds. That's right, digging. For me, it's more rewarding to get the whole plant, roots and all. These grow along the edge of my driveway in some wonderful soil where I would rather plant daylilies. Or at least something besides weeds.  Look--I even took a picture so you … Continue reading A weed by any other name…

Are you a “Twitcher”?

Are you a “twitcher”? Wikipedia gives the definition as someone who travels a long distance to see a rare bird. By Faye Here in America people often find it relaxing to watch birds. It’s estimated that approximately 60 million people in the United States feed birds. According to Susan Hayes, executive director of the Wild … Continue reading Are you a “Twitcher”?

Peaches come from a can

By John When I first heard the song “Peaches” by a band called the Presidents of the United States of America 15 years ago, I thought to myself “no they don’t, they come from a tree”.  I’ve spent many a hot summer’s eve out in our peach trees to know the difference.  And after they’ve … Continue reading Peaches come from a can


By Faye Isn’t it a beautiful time of year?  The flowers are blooming and gardens are growing. The Marianna Black Library started a Sharing Garden several years ago. Patrons donated flowers and volunteers landscaped the area. A sheltered gazebo was built with benches underneath that everyone enjoys. Later a picnic table and water fountain was … Continue reading Gardening