Libraries Lead

This past week, April 8th to 14th, was National Library Week! Hooray! We hope everyone celebrated appropriately with books and movies borrowed from your library. If not, don’t worry, Governor Cooper has declared this month as Library Appreciation Month!  National Library Week was first officially sponsored in 1958, making this the 60th anniversary! This week … Continue reading Libraries Lead

Red Tailed Hawk vs Red Shouldered Hawk

Hello to all the readers of the Shelf Life in the Mountains Blog! My name is Annie and I have been working at the beautiful Jackson County Public Library in Sylva for almost two months now. I have also been an avid bird watcher for about four years. It all started when I moved from … Continue reading Red Tailed Hawk vs Red Shouldered Hawk

Keep Calm and Cast On

I'm going to type something here that I never in my life thought I would be saying: I, Stephanie, have begun to knit. No. I, Stephanie, love to knit. It's all I talk about now. Ask my coworkers, my friends, my family. I'm sure they'll all nod and roll their eyes. But listen, and lean in … Continue reading Keep Calm and Cast On

Check-in with Yourself, Check-out a Book

By Amy So it's January 15th, how's your new year's resolution coming along? By this time in the New Year, 30% of resolution setters have already given up. But that doesn't mean you have to! Back in September, I wrote "Happy New You" where I talked about how to set SMARTER goals. One of the things you should … Continue reading Check-in with Yourself, Check-out a Book

Happy New You!

By Amy Happy new you! Ok, so it's not January 1st but don't let that stop you from achieving your goals! There's no time like the present to start improving yourself! Research indicates the best way to improve yourself and meet your personal goals is to make sure your goals are SMARTER: Specific - Answer … Continue reading Happy New You!

Spring Break? Time for an Adventure!

By Erika What do monkeys, monasteries, and banana milkshakes all have in common?  They are all part of my most memorable travel moments.  Whether it's a last-minute weekend camping getaway or a more extensive planned out affair, travel feeds my adventurous heart.  Each year I anxiously await the arrival of Spring - the season of spring … Continue reading Spring Break? Time for an Adventure!

See What We Are Reading, Read What We Are Watching

Recognize any of these people? Chances are, you've seen one of these shows, or have heard of them. It's a varied bunch, too - we've got nerds, monster hunters, zombies, Southern vampires, and Star Wars. Even if you're not a fan of any of these shows, you might be in interested in the subject matter, … Continue reading See What We Are Reading, Read What We Are Watching

Astronomy is out of this world!

By Amy This past December, I let my 3 year-old daughter stay up past her bedtime and took her outside to see the Geminids meteor shower for her first experience of star-gazing. I told her we were going to see the shooting stars. We bundled up and set up camp on our back porch. "Wow! … Continue reading Astronomy is out of this world!

There Were Two Trains…

By Loretta My friend carved out a trail through a tangled bog  once and allowed me the pleasure of walking it when I had time and good weather.  For the privilege, I would take along my cutters and clip back the encroachments.  There were places along the trail where Multiflora Rose had taken over and … Continue reading There Were Two Trains…

The Paper Chase

By Loretta You’ll be reading along, minding your own business, and there it is – a quote from some obscure author in some long-forgotten book that was published in 1923 by a publisher who went out of business during the Depression.  The quote is just the appetizer; you want the whole enchilada.  Where O where … Continue reading The Paper Chase